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Versatile photography drone may just be a cinematographer’s dream come true

PowerEye Professional Cinematography Drone Available for Global Pre-Order
It wasn’t that long ago that we were happy with any drone-based photography we could get. That’s no longer quite the case. With both UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and camera technology advancing by the day, if you’re a professional drone photographer, you owe it to yourself to get hold of a pro-grade drone that can deliver the kind of high-quality images you and your clients are after.

Fortunately, PowerVision Technology Group has the answer, courtesy of its new PowerEye professional cinematography drone, which is now available globally for pre-order.

A veritable beast of a photography drone, PowerEye boasts a dual-camera setup, allowing users to watch two video streams simultaneously, either in split-screen or picture-in-picture mode. Then there’s the high-performance 4K UHD camera, and the option of a “PowerEye Thermal” variant that features a cutting-edge thermal and natural light camera. Oh, and did we mention that photographers can use their own lenses?

“A lot of people want to change the lens for this kind of drone, but they can’t,” Chih-Che Tsai, CEO of PowerVision Robot Corporation, told Digital Trends. “PowerEye allows you to change your lens as you want. By default, we have a very high-class lens that comes with the drone, aimed at professionals. But you can also change to your own lenses.”

It also has the ability to carry payloads of around 6.6-pounds, can log close to 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge, and features some impressive object-detection technology that will provide you with ample warning if your beloved UAV is about to collide with something.

It’s pretty much all you could want in a pro-grade camera drone — right down to the ability to easily transport it. “For PowerEye, you don’t need a big case when you travel,” Tsai continued. “You can put it inside your backpack. That portability, the ability to carry it around, is a big differentiator. You can fold its four arms to let you take it anywhere you want.”

If you want to pre-order a unit, you can do so on the company’s website, where a basic model (minus the thermal imaging) will set you back $3,988, which includes a range of accessories.

“We believe that we’re offering professionals a better option [than other drones,]” Tsai said. “That’s why we’re so excited.”

And, hey, if you don’t quite have the budget to cover a PowerEye of your own, PowerVision also offers a few lower-end, consumer-facing UAVs such as the unique PowerEgg drone!

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