Powered by Google Assistant, this robot bartender can take verbal drink orders

Google Assistant can carry out comprehensive images searches, cue up your favorite Netflix shows, read you the news, and … mix you a mean cocktail?

At least, it can if you’re referring to the Google Assistant-powered Mocktails Mixer, developed by Pittsburgh-based creative agency Deeplocal. First shown off at this year’s Google I/O conference, the robotic bartender uses a combination of a Raspberry Pi, an inbuilt microphone, a speaker, an LED Ring,  a peristaltic pump, and some pretty impressive Google-powered AI to blend a range of delicious beverages.

The resulting creation packs eight different containers (so, yes, it can be modified to include the hard stuff for those of drinking age!), which can be mixed together in different ratios according to user preference. Looking for a geeky special attraction for your summer kickoff party? Google has your back.

robot bartender google assistant hero

“It’s programmed to serve up a mixed drink of your choice and chat with you while you wait — whether that means telling you a joke or offering up small talk,” Greg Baltus, Chief Technology Officer at Deeplocal, told Digital Trends. “Our team created the mixer to inspire makers to explore other fun ways to use the new Google Assistant SDK.”

They are not just stopping at “inspiring” makers, either. The team has already shared open source code and instructions for the Mocktails Mixer on GitHub. Since all of the parts are readily accessible or easy to fabricate, anybody can build and customize their own version to be sipping cocktails in no time. With Deeplocal’s prototype costing around $570, it won’t even set you back too much money.

“People use voice assistants when their hands are full, especially in the kitchen,” Baltus continued. “When it comes to kitchen-focused DIY projects, robotic bartenders are becoming more and more popular. We wanted to create a new spin on the robotic bartender that demonstrates the capabilities of the Google Assistant.”

We guess you’re fine so long as you don’t start complaining to the bartender about robots stealing human jobs while you’re waiting for your drink!

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