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Watch this robot lawnmower take on a moose, and lose

Lawnmower vs apple thieving moose
If you ever see a moose causing havoc in your yard (well, you never know) and think a robot mower could be a useful tool for scaring it off, think again.

Judging by this recently posted YouTube video, the remotely controlled machine is clearly no match for a mighty moose.

The video shows the animal happily helping itself to some apples straight from a tree before the mower slowly trundles into view.

Undeterred by the arrival of a robot at its feet, the apple-chomping moose administers a kick as swift as it is severe, rendering the grass-cutting device useless. It’s not clear if the mower was broken by the moose’s seriously hard stomp, or if the animal somehow knew how to operate it and merely hit the “off” switch, but the sheer force of the kick appears to suggest the former.

The video was apparently shot in Norway, while the mowing machine resembles the Automower 265 ACX model built by Swedish firm Husqvarna. With a price tag of $5,000, it must have been an alarming moment for the mower’s owner as the moose unleashed its full fury upon it.

And no, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen members of the animal kingdom take on remotely controlled machines – and win every time. Remember the eagle that “talon punched” a drone clean out of the sky? Or the chimpanzee that took down a quadcopter with a careful swipe of a stick? At least if the robot apocalypse ever looks imminent, we now know which creatures to call upon to help us out.

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