ThermaCell Heated Insoles make cold feet a thing of the past

thermacell heated insoles make cold feet a thing of the past warmer

Winter is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to stock up on all the tools you need to survive the season. Why not start with the ThermaCell Heated Insoles? Your feet are the only part of the body that’s closest to the ground where all that snow’s gonna be anyway.

With the ThermaCell Heated Insoles, the rechargeable shoe pads can warm your feet from the inside out, keeping your whole body warm starting at the base. The lithium polymer batteries are embedded in the insoles, and the wearer can control the temperature with an external remote to set the heat level at either 100 or 110 degrees Fahrenheit. By using rechargeable insoles, you also save a bit of money in the long run when you consider the cost of those disposable warming pads. Each charge also affords the wearer five hours of heat, and unlike the disposable pads, you can turn the soles off to conserve battery when you’re indoors.

You can juice the ThermaCell Heated Insoles up to 500 times before needing replacement. It’s also water resistent in case things get a little too warm in there, which is great for those who … well, you can imagine the kind of people who’ll appreciate that. Now, any winter boot will be the best pair of shoes you’ve ever owned. Put this on the Christmas list for anyone who spends a lot of time commuting, working, or exercising outdoors.

While the ThermaCell Heated Insoles may resolve the issue of the literal kind of cold feet, you’re on your own if you’re dealing with the colloquial version. The warming insoles are available today at $130.