Latest Apple iPhone 8 leak features X-ray look at internal tech bits


If you’re an AT&T cell service customer looking to upgrade your ancient phone, there’s a new choice for you. Samsung has finally unveiled the toughened-up version of their flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, and it’s not unexpectedly called the S8 Active. It’s more than just an S8 with a bumper on it. The curved sides of the display are gone in favor of a more traditional rectangular AMOLED display measuring a stout 5.8 inches.

As expected for an “active” variant, the phone has been toughened up to protect against drops and dings, as well as being splashproof, but we have to point out, it is not rated as “waterproof,” so keep it away from those phone-hungry toilets. But the biggest change? The battery in the S8 Active is packing 4,000 milliamp hours of juice, a 25-pecent increase over it’s thinner cousin.

Otherwise, it specs out with pretty much all the same features, but keep in mind: its AT&T only, for now, and remember to bring $850 for the base model.

One less cord

And of course, it wouldn’t be Monday without a tidbit of Apple iPhone 8 rumormongering, and our friends at SlashGear say big league leaker Benjamin Geskin is claiming X-rays of the upcoming device show it does indeed have wireless charging ability. The images Geskin posted on his Instagram page also indicate the next phone may have an L-shaped battery as well.

Cell phones are models of the efficient use of space – Apple says they deleted the old headphone jack just to get a few more square millimeters of interior space for other stuff. Geskin says the images came from Foxconn, which makes Apple’s iPhone in China, and apparently they’re still rocking Windows XP as well. Other clues from the image indicate the phones actual computer parts are pretty small in order to make room for all that battery stuff.

Looks like a pretty solid leak to us. We’ll know exactly how the new iPhone will suck up electrons in about a month.

Steering into possible trouble

Hey friends, we want you to stay safe out there on the roads, and if you’re driving one of 800,000 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra pickups (they’re essentially the same thing), get that bad boy to a GM service center for a power steering fix outlined in a new recall.

The trucks involved were made between January 2013 and September 2014, and GM says the steering – which is assisted by software and electric motors, could cut out for about 1 second and then over-compensate when it comes back online, typically at slow speeds. That could be bad news while backing that boat down a ramp or maneuvering a trailer in tight quarters. Check to see if your truck is affected.

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