DT Daily: Glasses-free 3D, stunning space short, speaker guru interview

Today on DT Daily: Another stab at making a glasses-free 3D display, a stunning vision of a human-settled solar system, and we talk sound tech with a top speaker design guru.

We love 3D movies as much as anyone, but, like you, wearing those geeky glasses puts a damper on our enthusiasm. So we were happy to hear about some new glasses-free 3D tech from a small company called Dimension Technologies.

While other companies have displayed finicky and low-resolution prototype glasses-free panels, Dimension’s crowd-funded 27-inch panel seems to be the real deal. With full 1080P resolution, real-world brightness and the ability to seamlessly switch from 2D to 3D imagery on the fly, the display could signal a breakthrough in how we view all sorts of content in the future.

Dimension’s kickstarter campaign just got started and early bird deals starting at 900 bucks are still available, so go here and check out the possible future of display technology.

Chris Nolan’s sci-fi epic Interstellar continues to fill theaters around the world, but if you want to fulfill your planetary exploration jones in four minutes instead of three hours, you’ve gotta check out the short film Wanderers.

Pieced together by 3D animator Erik Wernquist, Wanderers posits some stunning imagery over a bit of Cosmos-sourced narration by Carl Sagan. There’s a space elevator on Mars, BASE jumping on a moon of Neptune, playing amidst the rings of Saturn and strolling across the vast ice fields of Europa after you’ve arrived in orbit around Jupiter. Great stuff! Go here for the full video on Vimeo, and be sure to tap that full-screen HD button.

Did you pass on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness because you’re saving up for a swanky new set of speakers? Hey, everyone loves ties and gift cards, right? Well, if you think great sound has to be expensive, think again. We recently spent some time setting up a cutting-edge Dolby Atmos home surround system with Andrew Jones, one of the world’s top speaker designers and audio engineers.

And since he was here, we sat down and talked about what goes into a great set of speakers, and how you can get the best out of them in your own home. If you think great sound has to be super expensive, just listen to our interview, and then check out the great new Pioneer home theater speakers Jones designed, which you can get at Best Buy, no less. You’ll be glad you did.

Your host today is Caleb Denison. Miss a day? Watch all the episodes of DT Daily right here. And be sure to catch our latest podcast.

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