Elon Musk wants to turn your roof into a solar energy farm

Tesla CEO, SpaceX CEO, SolarCity Chairman, and all around inspirational tech icon and pioneer, Elon Musk, has yet another trick up his sleeve, aimed at changing the way we live. This time, it’s a solar roof. And to be clear, we’re not talking about a conventional roof with a bunch of solar panels layered all over it. We’re talking about ditch the shingles, ditch the tile, the slate … whatever. The roof itself, would be a solar power generator.

The news came via an earnings call, which usually means there’s motivation to give people reason to keep the stock steady, if not skyrocketing. Musk suggests that at some point, folks are going to have to replace their roof anyway, why not make it a solar roof? And you know, if it isn’t ridiculously expensive and can offset some electricity costs, why not? It’ll help if you don’t live under a bunch of trees or in the shadow of another building of course.

Oh, and you’ll be wanting to get Tesla’s home battery storage technology. Aha! I think we’re beginning to see the connection here. See, Solar City and Tesla are looking to merge – a proposition hailed as controversial what with Musk the CEO of one and the chairmen of the other – but it looks like it is going to go through anyway, so you might as well have a solid game plan going in, right? Yeah, we’re just gonna leave it right there.

Streaming video giant Netflix has just launched an iOS and Android speed test app. It’s called FAST, and even though it just launched, it looks as if folks like it as it is currently well-rated among the folks who have already downloaded it. But, why do we need this app when we have apps like Speedtest and Testmy.net?

That’s a good question. Perhaps it’s because Netflix runs this app through its servers, giving users a feel for whether they have the real bandwidth necessary for streaming video. You can check it out for yourself and compare it to your favorite speed test app, assuming you have one, at the Apple App Store and Google Play stores now.

Finally, here’s the video the internet can’t stop watching, just in case you haven’t watched it already. A squirrel grabs a GoPro camera and takes us on an epic ride up a tree, providing what some are calling the most epic POV video ever.

I’ll admit, I sometimes wonder what it’s like to see the world from a squirrel’s eyes, especially when the one’s in my backyard are being hunted by my cat. Now, I feel like I have a better idea. Aw nuts, would ya look at that? We’re out of time. That’s it for DT Daily today, we’ll see ya right back here, tomorrow!

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