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Wikileaks: Government was spying on you using phones, computers, even smart TVs

Following the Wikileaks leaks that the goverment has the ability to hack some smart TV’s, smart phones, and computers, it at least gives companies new impetus to try and start blocking those prying eyes. Part of the “Vault 7” leak indicated there were flaws in past iOS versions that could allow hacking; Apple says the openings don’t apply to the current version of iOS 10, so we’d suggest you update ASAP.

Meanwhile, Mashable says Android operating systems were quite a bit leakier, and Google has yet to respond to the latest revelations, but we’d imagine rooms full of coders are busily rearranging zeros and ones to shore things up, so we’d watch for a Nougat update to pop up soon. And about those Wikileaks? Go here for all the latest information.

If it can’t stream, it’s just a bad dream

Got your Nintendo Switch yet? No? Still on the fence? Well, here’s some news that may put you on the waiting list: The Washington Post reports that Nintendo folks told them future updates to the Switch system could include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video streaming capabilities, along with other channels, and maybe even a web browser. In other words, it’ll eventually be more like some other game console/media portals, like the Playstation and Xbox.

So far, no hard dates for the new capabilities have been specified, but we’d wager it’ll be sooner than later, after contracts get signed and code gets assembled.

I’m sure our invite got lost in the email

And here’s todays totally not-at-all-surprising news: of course there’s a super-secret version of Tinder for one-percenters. I mean, how else are you going to get a date with Jennifer Lawrence?

Called “Tinder Select,” the premium service is apparently for those with premium looks, premium bank accounts and premium star power. This is apparently a tier far above Tinder’s other paid options, known as Boost and Plus, which are available to anyone with a credit card. But Select? Whole other level, my friends. Posts on Reddit suggest the secret Tinder service has been around for months now, and you don’t find it, it finds you. Yes, you have to be invited.

Tinder Select even looks different and so far, we don’t know what it costs, safe to say likely more than mere mortals can afford on a monthly basis. One Select member told Techcrunch it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.” And by “doing really well,” we mean a high “E-L-O” score, which is their Tinder “desirability” score, something only Tinder knows, apparently.

Want to find out what yours is? Not gonna be easy. Want to join Tinder Select? It’s gonna happen right after Jennifer Lawrence calls you. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the phone to ring.

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