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Create and publish your own apps with the $15 Android development bundle

Android development bundle
Android continues to hold the largest share of the mobile OS market around the world, so it behooves aspiring programmers to master this flexible and versatile platform. Many coding course bundles feature a smattering of entry-level lessons for multiple programming languages and software systems, but the Android development bundle – available from the DT Shop for $15 for the complete package – will teach you how to develop, publish, and monetize apps in a focused six-course lesson plan that won’t bog you down with unnecessary extras.

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The six lessons in the Android development bundle include:

The Complete Android Developer Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced

Android development bundle

The first course contains more than 17 hours of content that teaches you how to compile working Android software from scratch. In this lesson, you will develop a workout app that coaches the user by recommending personalized exercises. In the process, you will learn how to use Java, create animations, manage an in-app database with SQLite, and craft an intuitive user interface complete with widgets.

Android: From Beginner to Paid Professional

Android development bundle

This comprehensive course is aimed at the beginning programmer who lacks any Android experience. You will start with using Java to create simple apps and work your way up to more complex professional-level software over 24 hours of lessons. Along the way, you’ll learn object-oriented programming and how to implement the latest APIs. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped for professional Android app development and ready to start applying for junior coding jobs.

How to Make a Freaking Android App

Android development bundle

The third lesson consists of 6.5 hours’ worth of material that dives deeper into the world of apps. This relatively brief course will familiarize you with Android Studio, the app development software for Mac and Windows, as you create three working apps. You’ll fine-tune your understanding of Android design principles, as well as database management, using Android 6.0 to build a foundation to get you ready to start working with 7.0.

Android App Development: Create a Streaming Spotify Clone

Android development bundle

Streaming apps are some of the most popular pieces of software for mobile devices, and if you want to eventually work with them, then the best way to do it is to create one from the ground up. In this 5.5-hour lesson, you will develop a clone of Spotify, one of the most-used music apps, and learn the ins and outs of mobile streaming using Java and Android Studio. You’ll also learn how to set up free and paid servers and use tools like PHP for managing the files you want to make available for streaming.

The Complete Android & Java Developer Course

Android development bundle

Throughout this hands-on, 28-hour course consisting of 197 individual lectures, you will create 21 working Android apps. This meaty package of lessons will further sharpen your skills regarding Java, Android Studio, APIs, web services, databases, and more. You will also learn how to actually publish and monetize apps on the Google Play Store, setting you on your path to become a professional developer.

Android Mobile Apps: Beginner to Published on Google Play

Android development bundle

The first five courses focus mostly on Android programming skills, while the final lesson delves further into Google Play and gives you more detailed knowledge of the workings of this app platform. You’ll master the specifics of publishing, monetizing, and marketing your software on the Google Play Store so you can have an edge when it comes to creating passive streams of income for yourself in the competitive and highly lucrative market of mobile apps.

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