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Amazon slashes 40% off the Arlo Baby monitor this Black Friday

We all know how terribly exhausting it is to have a baby, especially if you’re a working mommy or daddy. For added peace of mind (and to help keep you from going insane), get yourself a baby monitor. Nowadays, they aren’t just two-way radios anymore. Most double as security cameras, so you can watch your little angel on your phone remotely, like the Arlo Baby Monitor. This bunny-eared baby cam boasts several cool features and is available on Amazon this Black Friday for a huge 40% off its usual price. Get one for just $100.

The Arlo Baby monitor has tiny rubber feet so you can place it securely on top of flat surfaces, like a table beside the crib. It is equipped with a 1080p HD camera that provides you with sharp picture quality in vibrant colors. It also has a night light function, night vision, sound and motion detection, two-way audio, video recording, environmental sensors, music playback, and cloud storage.

The LED nightlight is found on its “head” and the color can be changed through the app. Night vision works best if the crib is not more than 15 feet away from the camera. The app, besides giving you a live feed and video recordings of your baby, can also receive motion and audio alerts. This baby cam smartly knows the difference between your baby’s babbling and cooing from crying.

Honestly, motion alerts can get annoying. Of course, your baby will move. Luckily, you can set the number of motion alerts that the app will send to a minimum. The recordings are saved in cloud storage for seven days for free. After that, you can opt to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan or just stick with the live feed.

This baby monitor is compatible with Alexa, so besides your smartphone, you can view the video feed on other smart home devices connected to the network. It has a built-in music player with nine playable lullabies (you can download more on the app). The two-way audio allows you to remotely talk to your baby on your smartphone. Finally, the sensors that monitor temperature, air quality, and humidity will notify you on the app if it notices any dangerous fluctuations.

Netgear, the company that made the Arlo Baby monitor, really equipped this baby cam with tons of features to set it apart from the rest of the competition while presenting it in a lovely, kid-friendly package. But if you’re not completely sold on it, you can check out this page for the best baby monitors for 2019.

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