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5 gaming headset Black Friday deals you need to know about

With so many gaming headsets out there right now as part of the best Black Friday deals, we thought we’d help you out by narrowing things down to some of the true highlights. We’ve scoured all the Black Friday gaming deals and picked out five gaming headsets that we think will delight everyone. Every budget and requirement is catered for here so there’s something for everyone. Read on while we take you through them.

Today’s best gaming headset Black Friday deals

  • JBL Quantum 100 — $25, was $40
  • Razer BlackShark V2 X — $35, was $60
  • Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset — $40, was $80
  • Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset — $68, was $100
  • HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset — $79, was $100

JBL Quantum 100 — $25, was $40

JBL Quantum 100

Why buy:

  • Great value
  • Works with all systems
  • Echo cancelling mic
  • Memory foam ear cushions

The best gaming headsets don’t have to cost a fortune as this JBL Quantum 100 headset proves. It’s a wired headset, which won’t suit everyone, but the advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about system compatibility. As long as your system has a 3.5mm connection, you can plug it in. That means it works great for all your games consoles, PC, Mac, and even many smartphones and tablets.

Sound is great thanks to using JBL Quantum Signature Sound which has been engineered to be as accurate as possible while delivering a truly immersive gaming experience. That’s helped by the memory foam ear cushions that form the basis of these headphones, meaning they feel incredibly comfy but also protect your ears during marathon gaming sessions. Alongside that is a detachable boom microphone with echo-canceling technology. You can easily focus on your teammates’ voice rather than background noise meaning crystal clear communication at all times.

Sure, the JBL Quantum 100 might not look quite as stylish as their competitors. They’re a little bulky and lack the convenience of a wireless connection. They also don’t offer active noise cancellation but that’s all just fine for the price. Instead, these headphones focus on the essentials which means you still get great sound for the price, and a microphone so your buddies can hear you. Everything else is just a sweet bonus.

Razer BlackShark V2 X — $35, was $60

Why buy:

  • 7.1 surround sound
  • 50mm audio drivers
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Lightweight design

Coming from one of the best brands in gaming accessories, you can be confident that the Razer BlackShark V2 X is pretty great. It’s a wired device so you can hook it up to pretty much any system you can think of including your smartphone, providing it has a 3.5mm connection. Razer promises that this is a triple threat pair of headphones because it offers amazing audio, superior mic clarity, and supreme sound isolation. It kind of does too being far better quality than you would ever expect at this price. In part, that’s thanks to its Razer TriForce 50mm drivers that deliver high-end audio performance. The design divides the driver into three parts so that each part can individually tune the highs, mids, and lows. That leads to fantastic audio quality with brighter, clearer audio no matter what you’re playing or listening to.

Alongside that is Razer’s HyperClear Cardioid Mic. It promises enhanced voice capture so that your teammates can hear you more clearly. There’s less noise gathered from around you and more focus on what you’re saying. There’s also advanced passive noise cancellation for whatever you’re listening out for. It’s not quite as good as active noise cancellation but it means you can focus a little more easily on honing in on key sounds in your favorite games rather than worry about environmental noise nearby. The 7.1 virtual surround sound means you can accurately gauge when an enemy is nearby and what direction they’re coming from, giving you the edge in online battle. Finally, a lightweight design of just 240g means you’ll never feel desperate to take these off, even after long gaming sessions.

</p> <h3>Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset — $40, was $80</h3> [caption id="attachment_2830740" align="aligncenter"]<img class=" size-large wp-image-2830740" src="" alt="The Logitech G432 gaming headset with the microphone extended." width="720" height="720" />[/caption] <p><strong>Why buy:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Comfortable fit</li> <li>Virtual 7.1 surround sound</li> <li>Flip-to-mute mic</li> <li>50mm audio drivers</li> </ul> <p>The Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset is an intelligently designed gaming headset. It’s a wired device so you can easily hook it up to all your favorite consoles as well as PC, Mac, along with many tablets and smartphones, but it’s also got a lot else going for it. It’s incredibly comfortable for one thing. That’s thanks to its leatherette ear cushions that keep your ears safely ensconced without letting them get too hot or sore. Other comfortable features include a 6mm flip-to-mute mic. Simply flip it up and it automatically mutes so you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing what you’re saying. There’s a volume control at your fingertips at all times too.</p> <p>Sound-wise, you get the benefit of large 50mm audio drivers that produce fantastic sound. That leads to a more immersive experience for you. In conjunction with the virtual 7.1 surround sound, you can also focus more on being able to spot an enemy coming from behind or to the side of you thanks to being able to listen out more effectively. Advanced DTS ensures that precise positional audio is always possible, regardless of what you’re playing.</p> <p style="text-align: center;">[cc-link url="" merchant="5b9be81f89f4b3242158adcd" type="button" cta="Buy Now"]

Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset — $68, was $100

Why buy:

  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Stylish design
  • USB DAC functionality
  • Comfortable fit

The Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset is a truly classy headset as you’d expect from Alienware. It has immersive 7.1 virtual surround sound that means you can hear enemies before they get too close. With best-in-class, custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz-40KHz everything sounds great, whether you’re playing an intense single-player game or something more sociable. You can either use the headset to focus on when a bad guy is about to sneak up on you, or simply take in some atmospheric music or a powerful line of dialogue. With enhanced noise isolation, you can focus on exactly what’s going on, without being interrupted by anything going on in the same room as you. The Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset also has leatherette earcups that keep your ears feeling comfortable no matter how long you’re playing. A mixture of memory foam, sports fabric, and leatherette provide you with optimal cooling and comfort at all times. There’s also a retractable boom microphone so you can choose whether to talk to teammates or not.

Other features include a swappable 3.5mm cable and a detachable USB connection for maximum convenience. The retractable mic has noise cancellation capabilities, too. That’s the great thing about this headset. It has enough customization options that you can make it feel just how you need it to feel without being limited by what the manufacturer could have wanted for you. It’s a great way of adding a bit of class to your listening experience, whether you’re planning on using them for single-player games or to give you an edge in multiplayer sessions.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset — $79, was $100

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

Why buy:

  • Durable design
  • Comfortable
  • 53mm drivers
  • Detachable mic

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset kind of has everything you could need other than being wireless (although it is possible to buy a wireless version for more). It looks highly professional. It has that look that all game streamers aspire to, looking elegant yet tapping into the gamer aesthetic. Alongside that, it’s been designed with comfort in mind. Memory foam ear cushions and a padded leatherette headband help out immensely here. You can wear this headset for hours without feeling any kind of strain. However, it’s the hardware within the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset that really makes it stand out.

It offers large 53mm drivers that provide you with exceptional high-quality sound. You’re able to hear enemies before they’re in sight as well as take in the atmosphere of a gripping single-player game more readily. That’s helped massively by the 7.1 virtual surround sound that’s utilized here. Hardware-driven, it’s far easier to precisely locate where a sound is coming from courtesy of these headphones. Passive noise cancellation features mean you can block out surrounding noises too so you don’t have to worry about your roommate distracting you during a key part of your game.

Finally, a solid and durable aluminum frame means these headphones can last a few blows or falls. There’s even a detachable noise-canceling mic for added convenience.

Should you shop these gaming headset Black Friday deals or wait until Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is frequently more of a rerun of the best Black Friday deals rather than offering much that’s entirely new. That means you might as well buy now. For one thing, there’s absolutely no guarantee that the discount you see on Black Friday will still be there on Cyber Monday. Avoid missing out by buying now rather than holding out.

Remember — if you do happen to see something cheaper on Cyber Monday, you can always cancel your existing order or return it if the item has already been shipped to you.

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