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Bluetti’s EP600 is better, lighter, and more modular than ever

This content was produced in partnership with Bluetti.

Dear reader: Let’s discuss portable power stations for a minute. It’s high time we all started taking them a little more seriously. They’re excellent stand-ins, or alternatives really, to traditional gas generators. But unlike traditional generators, they’re all-electric, so they’re eco-friendly and produce no emissions, which makes them both safer to use and opens up a wide range of possibilities. You can use them inside a home or residence to power your gear, for example, which is not something you should ever do with gas generators — standard generators cannot be used in enclosed spaces. Another important point is that they’ve grown remarkably capable, more than anything that came before, and with its latest launch, the EP600 power station, Bluetti is upping the game even more.

The EP600 solar battery system and portable power station is disruptive, to say the least. It’s smaller and weighs less than previous iterations, but it’s packed to the chassis with power. It has a 6000-watt bi-directional inverter for AC input and output, allowing it to run nearly any household appliances, and via 230-volt to 400-volt options. It also supports a 6,000-watt solar input to keep the station charged, and anything connected to it, via renewable energy. As a solar system, it provides a built-in backup battery solution for conserving power as well — an absolutely essential feature when off the grid. If you have even a passing interest in the technology, you have to read on to learn more — it’s equally fascinating and impressive.

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Bluetti’s EP600: Serving many roles

Bluetti EP600 home solar storage system.

Typically, when you have a portable power station, you also need a lot of additional accessories, including backup batteries, solar panels, and much more — such as an inverter or MPPT controller to optimize solar energy. That is not the case at all with Bluetti’s EP600, which is both a portable power station and a solar battery system.

So, it serves as a standalone power source when you need one and a home energy storage system, but also a fully-functional solar battery solution. You can simply connect solar panels — up to 6,000 watts — and the hybrid inverter system within the belly does all of the legwork. You don’t need a separate inverter or MPPT. The energy can then be used to charge the station for later, power any connected devices, or keep the power on during an outage — effectively powering your most important home appliances, as well. The EP600 is meant to pair with B500 expansion batteries, each bringing 4,960-watt-hours to the table, with a maximum supported 16 battery modules to reach a total 79.3k-watt-hour capacity. That’s enough power to cover all of your home needs — or off-grid needs even — for a week or more.

But because it’s modular and lightweight, it can be used anywhere, highlighting one of the biggest and best advantages of a portable power station. You can use it off-grid while living in a cabin or out in the wilderness. You can use it on the road, whether in a standard vehicle or an RV. You can even use it around your home, like in your backyard to power electronics, tools, and anything else that might need power.

When is the EP600 coming and what’s the cost?

Bluetti EP600 solar power system in home under stairwell.

The final prices are still being ironed out, but the thing to note is that a highly recommended combo, which includes the EP600 and two B500 batteries, will cost less than €9500, as revealed by James Ray, the marketing director of Bluetti. That super useful bundle increases the total capacity of the system exponentially, and while you can always add more batteries later, two is plenty to cover pretty much anything the average consumer could possibly need. This is also what makes Bluetti’s solutions fully modular and highly customizable. You can expand capacities and capabilities too, to meet the needs of your lifestyle and that of your family’s power requirements wherever applicable.

Starting in November, pre-orders will become available on Bluetti’s official website. You can head over to the site now to sign-up for the latest news and updates, including a chance to nab early bird pricing!

Bluetti first showed off the EP600 and B500 at IFA 2022 in Berlin earlier this month. During that time, we got our first glimpse at the new tech and what it can do, but more will follow. Stay tuned, because the EP600 is just getting started, as is Bluetti. Bear in mind, because the EP600+B500 system is three-phase — 230-volt to 400-volt — it’s not relevant to countries that use 100 to 120 utility grid voltages. Those in the United States and Japan don’t fret, as another secret whole-house power solution from Bluetti is in the works.

One thing is certain: We all need to start taking portable power stations, namely Bluetti’s EP600, much more seriously. They’ve taken portable power to a whole new level, which means energy solutions are bigger and better than ever.

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