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This is the best Echo deal before Prime Day ends: The Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5

You’d expect that Amazon devices would likely be the best deals on Prime Day since they’re manufactured by Amazon itself. With Prime Day ending within a matter of hours, you’re best buy for Alexa-enabled devices is the Echo Show 5 — 44% off its normal price.

Normally $90, Prime members are able to snag this for just $50. Although Amazon is not providing the discount and gift cards for immediate use anymore, there is a method that makes the effective price only $2.49, a crazy 97% savings (see here for more). But don’t miss this deal just because you don’t have an old Echo.

Why should you buy the Echo Show 5? First and foremost, at its current price, it’s the same as the regular price for the no-screen third-generation Echo Dot. There’s also a slightly larger 1.65-inch speaker in the Echo Show 5, improving overall sound quality. While it won’t have the great sound quality of your larger Echos, the addition of a screen makes the device all the more useful.

A second reason for you to consider the Echo Show 5 is the 5.5-inch display. While it’s not as large as the Echo Shows, it’s the perfect size to replace the alarm clock on your nightstand, or serve as an assistant in the kitchen — so you’re able to use it as a timer or to pull up thousands of recipes while you’re cooking.

Buying multiple units in replacement of your other Echos will allow you to use your Echos as a video intercom system. We’ve made heavy use of the audio intercom feature and can’t wait for more Echo Show 5s to arrive to make video intercom calls instead. If you’re worried about privacy, don’t be: Amazon has included a privacy shutter, which you can flip over if you don’t want to send video.

If you really don’t need video and want something even cheaper, consider either the Google Home Mini or Echo Dot. For more information on how those two stack up against each other, be sure to check out our comparison we posted earlier today. Of course, if your heart is set on an Echo, we have a ton of Echo device deals for you to check out: every device is on sale right now.

For more great smart home Prime Day deals, be sure to check out our curated Prime Day smart home deals page.

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