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Tired of ironing your wrinkled shirts? Try this garment steamer for just $20

garment steamer
Wrinkled clothes can make or break your appearance. Whether you’re off to a job interview, going on a date, or simply existing in everyday life, you probably don’t want to look like you just grabbed all your clothes out of a tiny duffel bag earlier that morning. Keeping your wardrobe wrinkle-free isn’t nearly as easy as it should be, especially when you have so little time to spare.

There’s always ironing, of course. You could grab that hefty piece of steel, wait for it to get to the perfect skin-melting temperature, and do your best not to overcook your favorite shirt. But if you’re looking for something a little bit less medieval to take care of those pesky wrinkles, we’ve found just the thing for you.

The URPOWER Garment Steamer gives you all of that wrinkle-removing power without the hassle. With an easy to use design, this little steamer packs the punch you need to defeat stubborn wrinkles in just about any fabric. Just fill the tank with cold water, plug it in, and start steaming your garments to perfection.

Going on vacation? Stuffing shirt after shirt into a tight suitcase is a great way to ensure your clothes come out looking like a bulldog’s face. While most T-shirts will survive with minimal damage, dress shirts, dresses, and pants are often unable to escape a wrinkled fate. With a compact 130-milliliter water tank, you can bring this steamer just about anywhere you go. Whether you’re freshening up a Hawaiian shirt for a tropical adventure or removing a canyon-like indent from your favorite blazer, this garment steamer has got you covered.

So if you’re tired of using that clunky iron but don’t want to give in to wrinkles, a little bit of steam might be just what you need. Pick up the URPOWER Garment Steamer for just $20 on Amazon after a solid 39 percent discount. Your clothes deserve it, and so do you.

URPOWER Garment Steamer

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Usually $120, these Sennheiser wireless headphones are on sale for $70
Ebay home learning sale - Sennheiser HD 350BT headphones

If you're a casual headphones user that still wants something of decent quality, the price tags can be scary. For something showing even decent levels of comfort and features the price tag usually climbs over $100. And so it is with the Sennheiser HD 350BT, which usually sit at $120. However, the rest of us can now enjoy the comfort that those willing to spring on the latest have had. While this deal lasts, you can pick up your own pair of comfy HD 350BTs for just $70. That's a savings of $50! So, pull up your chair, turn on the music, and tap the button below to get what the rest have been using for awhile now.

Why you should buy the Sennheiser HD 350BT
Sennheiser, a company that nearly always has something in our listing of the best headphones, created the HD 350BT with just a couple of things in mind. If you're familiar with the Beats headphones line, and we're sure you are, then the first objective won't surprise you; they wanted to create headphones with an intense sound profile, especially emphasizing a deep bass range. Secondly, they wanted to create a streamlined approach to headphones, using a simple and minimalist style so the average person can start using them right away without vast audiophile-level knowledge. For example, in the Sennheiser Smart Control App, you can choose between listening modes for music, news, podcasts, and films to suit your needs quickly and comfortably on the go.

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Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum is $250 off for a limited time
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You deserve a cordless vacuum. They're more convenient, more portable, more maneuverable, and all around better than vacuums that need to plug into the wall. What was once a luxury item has become much more affordable, thanks both to their popularity and occasional cordless vacuum deals. Now, we're not saying that this Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum is cheap, per se, but when you consider the brand and the price it started at, it's a great deal. Right now you can grab the Outsize at Best Buy for $700 after a $250 price cut from its original $950. If you're ready to buy your forever vacuum, this is the deal to spring for.

Why you should buy the Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum
First off, let's talk about why you need a cordless vacuum in general. They are better than corded vacuums in virtually every way. They're more portable, so you don't have to unplug and replug them in for every room you vacuum. They're lighter, so you can use them to clean stairs, shelves, and the spider webs in the corner without straining your back. The only downside they have is that they must be charged, but a quality vacuum will hold plenty of power to clean a whole house -- the Outsize+ model especially.

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One of HP’s best student laptops is $230 off today
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Anyone looking for a cheap laptop that will easily handle Word documents, web browsers, movies and some light editing will appreciate today's deal at HP. The Pavilion 15T-EG300 laptop is $230 off, bringing the total to just $370. It's not one of the best laptops out there, but it can hold its own against some of the best budget laptops. This deal has been around since Memorial Day, so it will probably stay here until it sells out -- but that could be at any minute.

Why you should buy the HP Pavilion 15T-EG300 laptop
The HP Pavilion is a great laptop for students looking to get a head start on savings and studies over the summer. It’s up there with several of the best laptops for college, and it has a large, 15.6-inch Full HD display that’s great for both taking notes in class and watching movies on the weekend. Dual speakers by Bang & Olufsen chip in for the show as well. Because this is a larger-sized laptop, it can house a larger battery. In most cases you’ll get a full day of use with this laptop, and fast charging technology will get you to a 50% charge in just 45 minutes. HP is among our best laptop brands as well, so you know you’re getting a computer that can last.

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