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Get Forza Horizon 4 for $25 Black Friday price and race across England

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing games of the generation, with Playground Games outdoing itself in terms of the sheer amount of activities to complete and the awesome changing-seasons system. Right now, Amazon has the game for a Black Friday price of just $25, so you can save big before you take your favorite cars out to the English countryside.

The latest game in the Forza Horizon spin-off series, Forza Horizon 4 takes place entirely in England, with the country’s unique architecture, landscapes, and roads on full display. You have access to traditional street races, as well as off-road events, speeding challenges, and collectible-hunting.

There are hundreds of different cars to collect and race, including ridiculously fast hyper-cars, trucks, and sports cars, each with their own advantages and weaknesses. Racing with the 4K-capable Xbox One X makes Forza Horizon 4 even better, as it’s one of the most gorgeous games available from Microsoft and you can endlessly customize your vehicles for the perfect look. When the seasons change, you’ll even get access to new areas, such as a frozen lake that can only be crossed during the winter.

Forza Horizon 4 also supports Xbox One and PC cross-play, so your friends who own the game on PC will be able to play the full experience with you. You can choose to play with cooperative and drop-in competitive races turned on by default, or use the A.I.-powered “Drivatar” system that has been in the series since the start of the Xbox One generation. This system matches you up against computer-controlled racers who control and perform much like people on your friend list, letting you “race” them without actually having to sync up your schedules.

With an initial launch price of $60, Forza Horizon 4 is an absolute steal at $20. It’s the best racing game you can buy on any platform right now, and that includes the much newer Need for Speed: Heat, which would cost you a little bit more. During Cyber Monday, we also don’t expect the price to drop any more, so you should go ahead and purchase it now if you’re considering buying the game.

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