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Amazon discounts these Microsoft Surface Go, Pro, and Pro 6 laptops by up to $499

We all know that Microsoft started out as the creator of the Windows OS and has been very successful at it. But when the company announced that it was going to enter the PC hardware industry in 2012, people were initially skeptical about whether the firm was going to achieve the same level of success. Several years later, Microsoft’s Surface line remains one of the most sought-after laptops in the market. The company has something for everybody, from the affordable Surface Go to the mainstream Surface Pro and its numerous iterations. But which one is for you? Below is a quick rundown of the Surface Go, the Surface Pro 5th gen, and the Surface Pro 6, all available at incredible discounted prices on Amazon. Save as much as $499 when you get them today.

Microsoft Surface Go – $375, was $399

The Microsoft Surface Go is the smallest and most affordable among the Microsoft Surface brethren. It may be tiny, but it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Combining ultra-portability, remarkable sturdiness, and the impressive Type Cover keyboard, it’s the ideal travel buddy if you don’t want to dive into the Surface Pro’s larger screen (and slightly higher price tag). Basically a 10-inch tablet/laptop hybrid, it runs with a full version of Windows 10 and has an Intel Pentium Gold processor in its heart. Since this is a relatively new device, it comes with a single USB-C port, something lacking in the older Surface Pro.

It sports an aluminum unibody that’s reminiscent of the original iPad, with rounded corners but minus the ultra-slim bezels. Despite this outdated design choice, it looks positively regal, especially since its 10-inch display is drop-dead gorgeous. With a resolution of 1,800 x 1,200 pixels, everything looks sharp (although not as sharp as the Surface Pro, of course). The Surface Go’s display is bright, maxing out at 420 nits in our tests. That’s better than most laptops, especially at this price point, and is important since the Surface Go is likely to be used in brightly lit spaces, or even outdoors.

Despite being sold separately, we do advise you to buy the Type Cover. This detachable keyboard doubles as a kickstand and offers a very comfortable typing experience, far better than that of the MacBook Pro, which is more expensive. However, the keyboard layout looks a little cramped, a clear compromise of its ultra-portability, so mistyping is bound to happen. But as with most keyboards, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. The touchpad also works smoothly and precisely.

Now a couple of drawbacks: Performance and battery life. The Surface Go’s Pentium 4415Y chip can handle most conventional applications like Microsoft Word or Photoshop Express just fine, but opening multiple browser tabs simultaneously made the device noticeably stutter. It also doesn’t have a lengthy battery life. During our video loop test, it was able to last just 8 hours and an even shorter three hours in our more strenuous web browsing test. The Surface Pro fared a little better.

The Microsoft Surface Go (not including the Type Cover) normally retails for $399, but right now you can get it on Amazon for a cool $24 less. Get one for $375 and what’s more, if you pay via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, you’re entitled to an additional $50 off instantly, bringing the price down to $325.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5th gen – $500, was $999

The Microsoft Surface Pro is ultra-lightweight and engineered with the utmost attention to detail, like the rest of the Surface line. Its kickstand opens to 165 degrees and reliably holds up the tablet. When fully flexed, the Surface Pro feels like a solid thin slab of metal. The laptop is equipped with a single USB-A 3.0 connection and a mini DisplayPort. On the kickstand, you will find a Micro SD card reader and the patent Surface Connect port for power. There’s no USB Type-C port though, unlike the Surface Go.

Beneath its exterior, this Surface Pro is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor (it comes in other configurations at varying prices) and with the Windows 10 OS pre-installed. It has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Even when we were working this laptop hard with multiple browsers and programs, it managed to keep the heat under control.

This deal does not include the Type Cover keyboard, which you can purchase separately. This vital accessory is covered with Alcantara fabric and adds a welcome splash of color to the otherwise gray Surface Pro. The detachable keyboard is backlit and provides very comfortable and responsive keystrokes. Typing requires minimal effort, and is quieter than most keyboards. Flipping the keyboard automatically turns it off and transforms the laptop into a tablet.

The LCD touchscreen offers fluid touch responsiveness and gorgeous colors and contrasts. Texts and images look razor-sharp, the colors are vibrant, and the blacks are deep. It has a 12.3-inch PixelSense display with 2,736 × 1,824 resolution (267 PPI) in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Battery life, though, is not that great, to be honest. It’s a little behind what’s offered by other convertibles. With continuous web browsing, the Surface Pro managed to last five and a half hours. It did last a respectable 10 hours in our video looping test.

For $500 instead of $999 (that’s a whopping $499 worth of savings), you can get the Microsoft Surface Pro on Amazon. And if you pay via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, you’ll get to an additional $50 off instantly, reducing the price further to $450.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – $630, was $899

If you’ve got the money to splurge on a premium Windows laptop, we wholeheartedly recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. With a gorgeous display, top-notch build quality, better-than-ever performance, and outstanding battery life, it’s the 2-in-1 to beat. In fact, its only true competition is Apple’s iPad Pro, while the rest are just second-rate copycats that pose no serious threat.

As always, Microsoft made sure that the Surface Pro 6 looks terrific. Its aluminum chassis is sleek, stylish, and sexy, although the bezels still haven’t been cut down. They remain large and visible from outer space. Still, this is one stunning device that’s guaranteed to make heads turn.

You probably already know that the detachable Type Cover keyboard is sold separately, and it remains a mandatory purchase. Because as a tablet alone, the Surface Pro 6 doesn’t make much sense. The keyboard layout never looks cramped, the keystroke is precise and snappy, and the touchpad is simply one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of gliding our fingers on. Another peripheral you might want to save up for is the Surface Pen, the best-in-class stylus with 4,096 levels of sensitivity and even a built-in eraser.

Nothing has changed when it comes to screen quality, and that’s a good thing. The Surface Pro 6’s 12.3-inch (2,736 x 1,824 pixels) screen is as stunning as the Surface Go’s and Surface Pro 5th gen – one of the best screens you can find on a 2-in-1 system. Furthermore, for a laptop of this size, the front-facing speakers can easily fill a room with music and provide adequate audio for watching movies.

Microsoft touts the Surface Pro 6 as a true laptop replacement, and it definitely has the processing power to back that up. Even this unit’s entry-level Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM make it a multitasking beast, although we have to admit the lack of a newer Intel chip, like the latest Whiskey Lake U-series processors from Intel, is a bit disappointing. The Kaby Lake-R CPU is still plenty capable, but you’re not getting features like higher base clock speeds and Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to say that the Surface Pro 6 finally gets the battery life it deserves, infinitely better than the Surface Go and Surface Pro 5th gen. It was able to last 9.5 hours in our web browsing test and more than 14 hours in our video loop test. This means you’ll be able to squeeze out a full day of work with it with extra juice to spare for a Netflix movie or TV episode once you’re at home.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is currently on sale on Amazon for a $630 instead of $899 – a huge $269 off. And if you pay via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, you’re entitled to an additional $50 off instantly, reducing the price even further to $580.

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