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Corgi puppies control a walking death machine in '100ft Robot Golf'

Golf is one of the calmest sports in existence. If we can leave aside cursing at slices and raising one’s fists at water hazards, 18 holes can make for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, with just you, your clubs, and the ball to worry about. That is, of course, unless you’re playing No Goblin’s latest creation, 100ft Robot Golf, where you could accidentally destroy entire cities — and you’ll be able to play it in just a few months.

In 100ft Robot Golf, “hazards” and “obstacles” are merely suggestions in case you want the game to be more difficult and significantly less cool. Your enormous robot can destroy skyscrapers and even attack fellow players to get a better angle on the hole and line up that perfect shot. It’s all playable both online or in four-player split screen, which will most likely end a few friendships.

But the game has something much more exciting than mass destruction and robotic combat: puppies. “Project C” is an enormous competitor composed of five robots, with each controlled by what appear to be a corgi puppy. We’re not sure how they operate the controls with no thumbs, but we aren’t asking questions.

“To help with this dog-based robot golf domination, Project C has a secret weapon,” says No Goblin’s Dan Teasdale. “At any time, you can press L1 to summon the Freesword, a mysteriously cheap light-powered broadsword that can cleave any building in half instantly.”

Sure, 100ft Robot Golf doesn’t have that much emphasis on actually, well, golfing, but EA Sports and Rory McIlroy seem to have that pretty well covered. If we can golf through a campaign featuring mech combat and a puppy with an eyepatch, it doesn’t really matter how realistic the wind physics and visuals are.

100ft Robot Golf arrives to PlayStation 4 on October 10. A PlayStation VR mode will also allow you to play through the game in first person.

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