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2K Sports picks the Giants to beat the Yankees in the World Series

Video games have an eerily accurate record when using their simulated settings to predict the winner of major sporting events, especially EA, which correctly picked Spain as the World Cup champions, and has predicted six of the last seven winners of the Super Bowl. Now 2K Sports wants a piece of the predicting pie, and doing so with MLB2K10.

Today 2K Sports officially announced the results of their playoff simulations for the end of the baseball season. The game began with the pennant races, and had the Giants knocking off the Phillies in six games, while the Yankees took care of the Rangers in five.

With the seventh and final game looking like it would bring another title to the Yankees, Cody Ross hit a two-run homer for the Giants to retake the lead. That come-from-behind-homer proved to be the deciding factor in giving the Giants their first World Series title since 1954, and the first since the club moved to San Francisco from New York. The game also picked Ross as the series MVP.

Meanwhile, back in the analog world, the ALCS begins today, while the NLCS starts tomorrow. The first pitch of the World Series takes place on Wednesday, October 27.

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