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Amazon Prime rolls out perks for gamers, starting with free PUBG Mobile items

Gamers who have signed up for Amazon Prime will be able to get even more value out of their subscription, as the premium membership program is now offering free mobile game content starting with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG MOBILE and Amazon Prime are teaming up to bring you exclusive Amazon Prime loot. Every two weeks Amazon Prime Members in participating regions will be able to claim a new item in the Event Center until you have the complete Infiltrator set and more! @TwitchPrime #TwitchPrime

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) September 20, 2019

Every two weeks, eligible Amazon Prime members will be able to claim in-game items for PUBG Mobile on iOS or Android. The first item available is the Infiltrator Mask, followed by the Infiltrator Jacket with Gloves, Infiltrator Shoes, and Infiltrator Pants to complete the set.

Amazon Prime subscribers, even those on a three 30-day trial, will then be able to grab the epic level gun Blood Oath – Karabiner 98K and the epic level item Black Magma Parachute.

To claim the items, players will need to launch the latest version of PUBG Mobile on their smartphone, then either tap the Amazon Prime banner that will appear or go to the Events section and select the promotion from there.

The free mobile game content for Amazon Prime members, however, does not end with PUBG Mobile.

“We’re starting with exclusive content for PUBG Mobile, one of the biggest mobile games in the world, and in the coming months, we’ll roll out benefits for some of the most popular mobile games across many favorite genres,” said Twitch Prime VP Ethan Evans in a statement.

Amazon is already offering gamers Twitch Prime, which provides bonuses including channel subscriptions, access to select games and loot, and exclusive emoticons. However, these perks are focused more for PC and console games, not mobile games.

In addition to the free in-game content for PUBG Mobile and other games in the future, Amazon Prime membership offers free shipping, lightning deals, access to the annual Prime Day, and other services such as Prime Video and Prime Music, among many other perks.

PUBG Mobile players on iPhones, meanwhile, are advised not to upgrade to iOS 13 for now, due to a new feature on the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system that renders the game unplayable. The issue lies in the new text-editing gesture that is activated by pressing three fingers on the screen, which conflicts with the game’s controls. Fortunately, the problem will be fixed with iOS 13.1, which will be released on September 24.

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