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Animal Crossing Bunny Day event guide

It’s that time of year again in the world of Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBunny Day is once again upon us, and it’s time to keep an eye out for eggs! Although last year was a struggle for most, this year is shaping up to be a good event. There were a few kinks in this event last year that left players dragging. However, Nintendo took note of everything players said and have made adjustments.

The event will give you a chance to track down Zipper T. Bunny, a mysterious person who leaves eggs everywhere and definitely does not wear a costume. You’ll be tasked with hunting eggs throughout your island, which can be used for crafting event-exclusive do-it-yourselfs (DIYs). There are five varieties of eggs you’ll need to track down to make all the decorations your island could want. To get the most out of this event, we have a few tips, tricks, and ideas on how to collect all the egg furniture that’s available.

When does Bunny Day start?

Zipper T. Bunny arrived on March 28. He’ll be hanging out somewhere on your island. Some players had trouble getting him to spawn, but there’s an easy fix. If you can’t find him hopping around, save and quit the game. Be sure it’s up to date, then reopen the game. Even if your game is up to date, doing this should help get Zipper to appear.

This event starts a few days earlier, and the event will run for a shorter period of time than last year. Last year, players had 10 days to complete the event, but this year, the event will only be seven days. This gives players only seven days to collect every egg and DIY available.

However, time-travelers should beware: You can’t access Bunny Day, or any other seasonal events, for that matter, early. Even though Bunny Day was included in the last update, you’ll need to open the game and connect to the internet on March 27 before the holiday is finally playable. That also means that players who have skipped ahead will have to go back in time to play the event.

Bunny Day lasts from March 28 through April 4 (Easter Sunday).

What can you get during Bunny Day?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day recipes
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Bunny Day is all about the aptly-named Bunny Day set. It’s a collection of vibrant, patterned furniture and clothing, ranging from festive lighting and fences all the way to a very uncomfortable bed.

In the past, Bunny Day rewards were dished out by Zipper in exchange for tickets found inside eggs hidden all around the village. When you find an egg, try not to eat it, if you can. The eggs work in a similar manner as fruit, so they can give you a boost if you really need to move those trees and rocks. Otherwise, saving them for crafting is the best way to go. In New Horizons, the idea of collecting eggs remains the same, but they’re used as DIY materials to craft these items instead.

Zipper will give you one of these recipes to get you started, but it’s up to you to find the rest. Friendly villagers will sometimes be crafting these recipes and will share them with you, whereas others can be found in colorful balloons floating across the sky. Most will hold Sky Eggs, but keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll grab a bunch of new recipes from these airborne presents in no time.

The Bunny Day set is completely different in design from the original Egg Day set from other Animal Crossing games. Being a totally new set, we’ll be updating this list of Bunny Day set recipes as they’re discovered. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

Bunny Day Set Recipes

  • Bunny Day vanity
  • Bunny Day crown
  • Bunny Day fence
  • Bunny Day wall
  • Bunny Day flooring
  • Bunny Day bed
  • Bunny Day glowy garland
  • Bunny Day lamp
  • Bunny Day merry balloons
  • Bunny Day festive balloons
  • Bunny Day wall clock
  • Bunny Day stool
  • Bunny Day arch
  • Bunny Day table
  • Bunny Day rug
  • Bunny Day wardrobe
  • Bunny Day table
  • Bunny Day wreath
  • Bunny Day bag
  • Bunny Day party dress*
  • Bunny Day party hat*

*These items have additional unlock conditions

Bunny Day egg types and locations

Bunny Day Animal Crossing New Horizons earth egg
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re going to craft the entire Bunny Day set by April 4, you’re going to need a bunch of different eggs.

Zipper has hidden six different types of eggs around the island: Sky, Earth, Wood, Water, Leaf, and Stone. You can probably guess where each of these comes from. You won’t need too many of each to craft single Bunny Day DIY recipe projects, but with a Redditor’s handy spreadsheet revealing it takes a total of 202 eggs to make the lot, expect to put some time and effort into this event. For clarification, here’s where you’ll find each type of egg:

  • Sky: Rainbow Balloons
  • Earth: Fossil Holes
  • Stone: Rocks
  • Leaf: Trees (like fruit)
  • Wood: Trees (like Wood)
  • Water: Fishing (Ocean, River, or Pond)

Except for Sky and Water Eggs specifically, the number of these chocolatey treats scattered across your island is finite and at the mercy of the daily reset, so you’ll have to pick and choose which items to craft on any given day. Once you’ve dug your holes and whacked your rocks, that’s about it for your Earth and Stone eggs for the day. The same goes for Wood and Leaf. Shake them down like fruit, chop them out like wood, and you’re done.

Unless you use those Nook Miles Tickets, that is. If you’re eager to finish off the set as quickly as possible, hop on your trusty seaplane and jet off to another deserted island. You’ll have plenty more rocks, trees, and holes to burn your tools out on here.

With the recent update and changes to the event, Nintendo offers one more way for players to pick up the eggs they may be missing. One of the big changes this year is that villagers will play a bigger part in helping you track down eggs. Throughout the week, villagers will approach you excitedly. From there, they’ll offer you five eggs that they either have too many of or have found. These eggs can be random types, so you never know what you can get, but you’ll at least get five of them.

Additionally, on Bunny Day, we’ll have an opportunity to trade eggs with villagers to get the types of eggs we may be missing. So, if you find yourself with a surplus of Water eggs and not many Sky eggs, hold onto them. You’ll get a chance to trade them on April 4.

Bunny Day outfits

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day outfits
Image used with permission by copyright holder

On your mission to collect stacks of the different Bunny Day eggs, you’re likely to conjure up a recipe or two for themed outfits along the way. This seems to happen after collecting around 10 of the same egg, but it can happen earlier or later, too, so it’s probably a random event that you shouldn’t try to force.

The outfits in question are a full set, consisting of a suit, shoes, and hat, and their designs will match that of the egg they’re inspired by. Each set requires only seven of that particular egg design to craft, so it shouldn’t prove too difficult to craft all six outfits. Remember to take inventory of what egg clothing DIYs you have picked up to see how many more of each egg you’ll need to track down.

How to unlock the Bunny Day party dress and hat

Animal Crossing bunny day dress and hat
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If dressing up like a newborn lizard emerging from a brightly-colored egg isn’t your idea of cute, then maybe the Bunny Day party dress and hat will eggcite you. To unlock the absolutely adorable egg party dress and hat combo, you’ll need to unlock all six of the patterned egg outfits outlined in the section above. Don’t go thinking you can get the ensemble without going on the hunt. Once you think up the final egg outfit recipe, you’ll conjure up a way to combine the patterns of each, resulting in DIY recipes for both the egg party dress and egg party hat automatically.

You’ll need a total of five of each egg to craft the two pieces. So unless you’ve already smashed a bunch of those eggs together to make some furniture, you should have enough by the time you unlock the recipe.

Latest Bunny Day items

Bunny Day ACNH
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Those of us who played Bunny Day last year are familiar with the DIYs that are offered. A lot of us have already picked up the majority of the DIYs the game put out. To shake things up, Nintendo now offers new event items in the shops. Every event so far has had some event-exclusive items that sit in the front corner of the fully upgraded Nooks Cranny. Players can visit the shop to pick up these new items and find new and creative ways to decorate their islands.

There are five new items in total that players can pick up. Every day, Nooks Cranny will offer either the Bunny Day tree, Bunny Day garden flag, Bunny Day planter box, Bunny Day candy, and Bunny Day topiary. These items are actually really cute and are fun to use to decorate with. Be sure to check in with Nooks Cranny every day to see what the new item in your shop is.

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