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Exclusive Last Stop trailer shows off a Freaky Friday storyline

Last Stop is a new title from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Variable State that takes three game genres and storylines and mashes them into one game. The new trailer for the “Paper Dolls” episode, shared exclusively with Digital Trends, shows one possible plotline you can get into when journeying into the supernatural cinematic adventure coming July 22.

Annapurna Interactive is a well-known publisher for pushing developers with very unique philosophies when it comes to game design. Some of their most notable titles are JourneyOuter Wilds, and Gorogoa among others.

Last Stop is narratively an anthology drama. You take control of different characters that all share one very strange world. The stories that take place in these worlds put players in control of a body-swap situation, a secret agent, and a girl sucked into the life of an extraterrestrial.

Paper Dolls, in particular, places you in the shoes of two neighbors that swap bodies — similar to Freaky Friday — thanks to an unknown third party. The two have to work together to make things seem as inconspicuous as possible while finding a way to switch back and eventually travel across the galaxy.

As seen through earlier gameplay demos, the game is a third-person interactive adventure similar to Telltale games like The Walking Dead and its Batman series. You control the characters throughout their narratives, completing various minigames to succeed and choosing from banks of dialogue to continue on with the plot.

Last Stop isn’t the only anticipated title coming from Annapurna interactive. Stray, the third-person adventure title that puts you in control of a stray cat has gamers awaiting its release as well. They also have the upcoming first-person shooter platformer Neon White and the Groundhog Day-like 12 Minutes releasing later this year.

Last Stop is launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on July 22.

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