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Apex Legends is getting story-centric events, but with a catch

A new type of event that starts tomorrow in Apex Legends, the massively popular battle royale, will reveal bits and pieces of the game’s story and its characters. Titled Apex Chronicles, these events are character-specific, and task players with following a path during one of their matches to learn more about the character they’re playing as and the game’s arenas.

Tomorrow’s Apex Chronicles event, titled Old Ways, New Dawn, focuses on one of the game’s base characters, Bloodhound. The event will task players with saving an injured prowler, all while Bloodhound reflects on their own history and home world.

There is a catch to all Apex Chronicles events that may turn off some players, though: There’s no way to play through the events and the stories told during them without other players potentially interfering. Players can only participate in Apex Chronicles events during an unranked battle royale match. That means there will still be other players hunting down anyone trying to brush up on their Apex Legends lore.

Event participants on the other hand won’t be running into each other. Apex Chronicles events are completed by following a unique path that no other player in a match will have. That way, other Bloodhounds, in this instance, won’t run into each other while they’re trying to finish the event. In case the worst happens and someone is taken out while they’re trying to complete the event, they’ll be able to resume it from a checkpoint the next time they get into a game.

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