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The best weapons in BattleBit Remastered

If you judge BattleBit Remastered based on its graphical style alone, you might assume there’s little to no depth in this shooter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While it may look like a game from the early days of 3D graphics, the gunplay and mechanics are as modern as the latest Battlefield or Call of Duty entry. With that comes a massive roster of weapons across various types, each with its own stats and uses.


Despite the game still technically being in early access, nearly 40 weapons are available to unlock and take into the field. Even the most dedicated players will find that number intimidating when trying to nail down which one is best, so we’ve thrown ourselves into the trenches of BattleBit Remastered to figure out which weapons you should take out on your next mission.


Looking at the ak15's stats in Battlebit.

It was a tough call which gun to put first, but we give the edge to the AK-15 in BattleBit. For an assault rifle, having 40 damage is massive, and the fire rate of 540 will drop targets in no time if you can keep line up your shot. When you begin tweaking it with attachments, the AK-15 can basically serve any purpose, from short, medium, and even long-range encounters. Unlock the AK-15 by hitting rank 15.


The M4A1 with all its stats and graphs.

Our runner-up is the old reliable M4A1. While it does have a much higher fire rate than the AK-15 at 700, its accuracy is worse and only deals 30 damage. Unless you’re able to compensate yourself, odds are you will need to use your attachments to mitigate this gun’s downsides to make it great as opposed to improving what it does great like our first pick. You have access to the M4A1 by default.


Examining the MP7

Switching over to the SMG class for our Medic friends out there, the current meta is basically unanimous in crowning the MP7 the best in its class. Yes, it is an SMG so it will only do 25 damage, but the fire rate of 950 is only where things start to get good. Its accuracy rating of 74 is among the best there is, plus has an actually decently sized clip size. It obviously does its best work in close-range encounters, but the MP7 can hold its own in a midrange fight too. You have access to the MP7 by default.


The FAL has a lot going for it, and in many ways stands toe-to-toe with the AK-15. Both deal 40 damage, while the FAL sacrifices its accuracy to 75 in exchange for a faster fire rate of 650. It’s one you will need to weigh its pros and cons for but is a good replacement for the M4A1. What keeps it this low, however, is that you only unlock the FAL once you hit rank 140.


Looking at the ak74's stats in Battlebit.

The AK-47, or 74 rather, might have a higher number than the AK-15, but sadly can’t measure up. That doesn’t make it a bad gun, though. It edges out the M4A1 in damage by a single point, as well as the FAL’s accuracy by one point as well. Despite that, the kick and recoil on this gun get out of control fast, making it hard to use if you’re not using controlled bursts. It can serve the same purposes as most assault rifles, but only really shines in shorter-ranged battles. You have access to the AK-74 by default.


We had to give all you sniper fans out there some love, and the M200 is one well worth scoping out. While there are no completely overpowered guns in BattleBit, this sniper comes as close in the right hands. You’ll deal a huge 70 damage per shot, with headshots being instant kills, but with the obvious drawbacks that come with a bolt-action weapon. The accuracy, as expected, is maxed out, which makes this weapon’s lethality completely dependent on the person holding it. If you’re able to line up your shots, manage the downtime between firing, and stay at range, this could easily be the best gun. We slot it here simply due to it being so skill dependent, as well as requiring you to hit rank 100 to unlock.

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