Battlefield 3 cracks skulls in this new gameplay trailer

battlefield 3 cracks skulls in this new gameplay trailer 3rdOnce more unto the breach, dear friends. Battlefield 3 concludes the trio of gameplay trailers that it has released under the banner of the “Fault Line” series, with this third and final video, “Get That Wire Cut”.

Where the first clip showed off the game in general terms, and the second trailer highlighted the destructible environments, this trailer shows both the frantic pace of a full-on assault, as well as the character animations.

Tasked with cutting the wire to an explosive that is moments away from killing everyone, your character of Black is ambushed by an enemy combatant. Once he has been thoroughly punchicized, you return to the street where a full scale assault is getting underway. But make sure to watch the video to the very end–there is a reason that these videos have been dubbed “Fault Line”.

Look for a full length version of these three trailer on April 17, and join us in staring longingly at the vague Autumn release date when Battlefield 3 debuts on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

{Warning: Trailer May Not be Suitable for All Ages}