Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC release delayed

battlefield 4s final stand dlc release delayed 4 pearl market

The fifth and final installment of Battlefield 4’s won’t surface until sometime between October 1 and December 31, 2014, as Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed during the publisher’s later earnings call (via Gamespot). The downloadable content pack, called Final Stand, had originally been pegged for a summer 2014 release.

It’s possible there’s a connection between this and the news that Battlefield: Hardline is being delayed until 2015, though it’s a thin possibility given that DICE is the studio behind BF4 and Dead Space developer Visceral Games is working on Hardline. The cops vs. robbers taken on the Battlefield was originally scheduled for release on October 21, with Final Stand expected to arrive before that. It’s possible that DICE resources are being diverted to help Visceral ensure a timely release for Hardline.

With BF4 Premium subscribers just sinking their Dragon’s Teeth into the latest expansion of Battlefield 4 (and non-Premium members still waiting), this delay gives the new add-on more time to breathe.