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Early ‘Battlefield V’ closed alpha gameplay is simply breathtaking

Electronic Arts and Dice are currently running a closed alpha test for Battlefield V, which will launch later this year, and gameplay footage released from the test has us extremely excited to get our hands on the full release.

YouTube user Namtox uploaded a roughly seven-minute video showing off a slice of multiplayer in “ultra” settings at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The system used for the video includes a Core i7 4790K CPU at 4.20GHz and an Nvidia GeForce Titan Pascal 12GB GPU, so you might want to set your own expectations a little lower for how it will look on your system if you aren’t made of money.

In the footage, we see the player move through half-destroyed buildings before making it down to a body of water. In the sky above, planes smolder as they drift through the sky and bullets zip in every direction. After being killed and respawning, we next see him fortifying a position using the new building tools Battlefield V introduces. In this case, a short stack of sandbags are heavily reinforced with a much taller structure, making it significantly more difficult for enemies to kill those behind it.

The barriers also create the perfect opportunities for crafty snipers to quickly build themselves a place from which to fire. Despite the higher prevalence of automatic weapons in World War II compared to the previous war, plenty of Battlefield V players are making use of long-range rifles to take out targets before they have a chance to respond.

The basic pace of the multiplayer match appears to be similar to Battlefield 1, and this particular demolition-based game mode didn’t feature any ground vehicles. Only a few shots are enough to take out an enemy, and the bright bullets shooting through the air allow for you to adjust your shots and hit targets at nearly any range. This made Battlefield 1 a much more welcoming game than some of the previous titles, despite its use of more rudimentary weaponry.

Battlefield V is out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 19. EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will get early access to a trial version on October 11, and those who pre-order the deluxe edition can pick up the game on October 16.

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