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Choose wisely: You can now change your terrible Blizzard BattleTag

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Your Overwatch skills are out of this world, and you can play with the best in Hearthstone, but your “LinkinParkRulez” BattleTag is holding you back from ever getting the respect you deserve. Thankfully, Blizzard is finally giving you the option to change it for free.

Starting now, any user — the same system is used for games like Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch — will be able to change their BattleTag username one time for free. Blizzard offered a similar name change back when Overwatch launched in May, though it appeared to only be a one-time opportunity.

If you need to change your BattleTag again, however, you’ll have to pay $10. Xbox Live offers a similar service, while the PlayStation Network doesn’t let users change their PSN ID at all — their only option is to start from scratch.

Because the BattleTag is also assigned an identification number, you’re free to choose the same name as another user. Your friends list will also remain intact following the change, though it’s unclear if they’ll be automatically notified of your name change.

Blizzard’s BattleTag naming policy is slightly stricter than those available from other services. While you’re free to use numbers, your BattleTag cannot start with one, and it has to be between three and 12 characters in length. No spaces are allowed, either, which leaves “Leeroy Jenkins” completely out of the question.

Even if you choose to play Overwatch on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, your BattleTag can still be carried over. Though it won’t be shown to other players in-game, it does give you some additional digital rewards in games like Diablo III.

Are you going to change your BattleTag, or are you satisfied with the one you’re using. Let us know in the comments!

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