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Best cooking recipes in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

While it isn’t quite a survival game where you’re required to eat, foraging for ingredients to cook meals is highly encouraged in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Sure, you could just eat raw ingredients to make sure you never fully deplete your energy, but you’d be missing out on some very powerful buffs that a well-crafted meal can provide. You obviously will be unfamiliar with basically every ingredient you come across on Pandora, as it’s an alien planet after all, and even your character will have no idea what effect mixing up a couple of plants or bits of meat will yield until you try it out. If you didn’t come to this planet to play Gordon Ramsey, here’s a breakdown of the best recipes you can cook in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and how to make them.

Best recipes and how to cook them

Harvesting a fruit in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Cooking is done at any cooking station that you can find at every Na’vi or resistance base. Once you interact with it, you can select two ingredients to mix together and see what meal you come up with. Meals can have one or two buffs depending on if they’re a standard or specialty recipe, but they always refill your energy.

Crunchy Seafood

Ingredients: Any fish + any seed.

Buff: Stealthy 1: Grants you a 35% buff to stealth.

This is a super-easy dish to make early on in the game, and it’s very powerful despite how common the ingredients are. Considering you will have the fewest skills and weapons early on, stealth will be essential for the early missions, so stock up on this meal to stay hidden.

Fruit and Meat Skewer

Ingredients: Any lean meat + any fruit

Buff: Fury 1: Grants you a 35% damage buff.

It’s very similar to the first recipe, but this one is a little harder to get since you need to hunt some animals, but you can’t deny that massive damage buff. If things go sideways, this snack can turn the tide in your favor.

Egg-Stuffed Mushroom

Ingredients: Any mushroom + any egg

Buff: Ambush 1: Plus 35% stealth damage.

If you’re more of a stealth hunter, making sure your first attack is also the last is a must. Eat this to ensure you get a quick and quiet kill.

Cheesy Sahena

Ingredients: Zakru Milk + Fiery Herbs

Buff: Fleet-Footed + Fighter’s Boon II: 10% bonus movement speed and 40% damage buff against RDA.

Moving into the specialty recipes that require specific and rarer ingredients, Cheesy Sahena turns you into an RDA outpost’s worst nightmare. If you’ve got the skills, you can run through wrecking everything in your path before they know what hit them.

Thanator Niktsyey

Ingredients: Moss Forest Thanator Meat + Kite Manta Egg

Buff: Furtive + Fury 3: Reduces sounds from moving and increases damage by 50%.

Honestly, this recipe makes the list for the Fury 3 buff alone. The stealth increase is nice, but if you’re dealing 50% more damage, you won’t really need to be quiet, will you?

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Chain Assassination - Phantom Tree
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Extra Tool Capacity 1,2, and 3 - Trickster Tree
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Basim grew up as a thief, but he can still learn a few tricks to get better. Pickpocket Master has two effects, the first is to vastly decrease the difficulty of the QTE for pickpocketing higher-tier loot from targets. The second is to completely remove the QTE from basic pickpocketing making it an automatic success.
Stealth Recon - Predator Tree
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