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Where to find Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade in Bowser’s Fury

After you collect 50 cat shines and defeat Fury Bowser for the final time, a familiar group of faces will show up on Lake Lapcat: Captain Toad, Toadette, and the rest of the Toad Brigade. The problem is that Toadette is the only one who’s safe. The other members of the Toad Brigade are stranded across the lake.

Of course, Mario can save the day. Here’s where to find Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade in Bowser’s Fury

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Finding Toadette

Before you can find the Toad Brigade, you need to find Toadette. She shows up at the beginning of Fur Step Island after you’ve collected 50 cat shines and defeated Fury Bowser. That is to say, after you “beat” the game. Bowser’s Fury has 100 cat shines, but you only need 50 to fight Bowser for the final time.

After that’s done, return to Fur Step Island to find Toadette. She’ll tell you that the Toad Brigade has gone missing around Lake Lapcat, and that it’s up to you to find them. Each Brigade member you find will award you with a cat shine for your troubles.

Captain Toad

Captain Toad is the easiest of the group to find. Head toward Scamper Shores, and you’ll see Captain Toad being chased by a group of enemies on a small island near the gate. Pick them off, and Captain Toad will reward you with a shine.

Yellow Toad

Yellow Toad is under Slipskate Slope in the second section of the game. Head to the start of Slipskate Slope, but instead of jumping in the ice skate, jump into a propeller block. Using the ledge, go to the end of the blue spikes and jump down, using the propeller block to float. You’ll spot Yellow Toad on a ledge under the slope.

Land and interact with him, and he’ll reward you with a shine.

Green Toad

The Green Toad is the trickiest to find because he’s not attached to any level. He’s located on the outskirts of the map, actually, as far north as you can possibly go. Given the poor draw distance in Bowser’s Fury, you won’t be able to spot Green toad from far away. Head as far north as possible toward the ink, and if you don’t spot Green Toad, follow the edge of the map.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a series of springs that you’ll need to use to cross over the ink. A cat suit can help here, but as long as you’re careful with aiming, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Green Toad is just stranded, not harassed by enemies. Interact with him and his new cat friends to earn a shine.

Blue Toad

Blue Toad is easy to find, but he’s stranded on one of the hardest levels in Bowser’s Fury: Mount Magmeow. If you haven’t already, make sure to earn the first shine on Mount Magmeow. The first shine doesn’t actually send you up the mountain, and Blue Toad is stranded on the peak.

After you have the first shine down, follow the mountain up until you’re between the two ears. Below the ear opposite where you come up the mountain, you’ll find Blue Toad being harassed by a Conkdor. Jump down and pounce on the Conkdor, and Blue Toad will reward you with a shine.

What do you get for finding the Toad Brigade in Bowser’s Fury?

Unfortunately, you don’t get anything for finding the Toad Brigade in Bowser’s Fury, outside of the cat shine each member gives you and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. However, you can circle back to Fur Step Island to find the whole group happily reunited.

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