Budweiser built a life-size Pac Man game for a Super Bowl ad

budweiser built life size pac man game super bowl ad
Budweiser constructed a life-size Pac Man maze in Los Angeles’ Fashion District recently for a Bud Light advertisement, set to air at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015. The ad is part of the brand’s “Up For Whatever” campaign, which launched in 2014.

The ad, called Coin, will run for 60 seconds, according to the New York Daily News. In it a man will receive a message from a beer bottle which invites him outside. Then he is given an enormous coin and the chance to play in the life-size replica of the classic arcade game’s maze. The whole setup is a brightly lit and faithful recreation of the original game, with neon glowing ghosts clearly visible from above. Actors from the shoot and passers-by have posted images of the set on social media. Although Budweiser has not released any details about the maze, people are hopeful that it may be made open to the public after filming is complete.

Super Bowl XLIX will air on Sunday, February 1 on NBC, with either that Patriots or Colts from the AFC squaring off against the Seahawks or Packers from the NFC.

Shooting the latest Bud Light #upforwhatever commercial w a LIFE SIZE PAC MAN GAME!! Yeah, ur jelly. pic.twitter.com/esUjY54eg4

— Curtis Kingsley (@CurtisKingsley) January 8, 2015

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