Burnout, Need for Speed studio Criterion working on crossover title for Playstation 3 and Vita

burnout need for speed studio criterion working on crossover title playstation 3 and vita paradise creators ps3 game

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is delivering the goods on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this fall. Great. There’s nothing quite like helping a vicious rodent with hook-cane steal things on the go and at home. That’ll be a delight. It looks like other publishers besides Sony will finally support the Vita with games for both the console and the handheld though. New job listings with Criterion, the studio behind Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and the Burnout series, point to the company’s next game hitting both PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The Sixth Axis reported on Wednesday that the studio is hiring a software engineer for a project that will involve “implementing interoperation between the PlayStation 3 and Vita.” The engineer will also work on “optimising and tuning the game resource system for the PS Vita” and “interfacing the game engine with several parts of the Vita OS.”

That Criterion is working on the handheld at all is reason for excitement because, frankly, Burnout Paradise is spectacular. Any game that lets you freely roam a city in the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters causing mass destruction at intersections is a glorious thing indeed. The posting is also inspiring because it means that Electronic Arts is going to offer more serious support of the handheld. Encouraging indeed.