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Warzone Operation Monarch guide: Rules, maps, tips, and rewards

Call of Duty doesn’t often do crossover events, but when it does, it goes big. Operation Monarch is the newest limited-time event happening in Call of Duty: Warzone, which puts you in the action while in the shadow of two colossal kaiju — King Kong and Godzilla — waging their own battle. You might feel insignificant compared to these towering beasts, and you are; however, this event lets you and your squad use them to your advantage, as well as fight back against them.

Operation Monarch will only be available from May 12 to May 15, and is relegated to its own playlist. This mode comes with its own rules, challenges, rewards, and tactics needed to win. Being quick on the draw may keep you ahead against human opponents, but you will need an entirely new set of skills to deal with Kong or Godzilla’s furious rampages. Before you and your squad drop into this new battlefield, here’s everything you need to know about how Operation Monarch works in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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How Operation Monarch works

A soldier fires at King Kong from a helicopter in Operation Monarch.

Operation Monarch is based on the familiar Call of Duty: Warzone Resurgence rules in the quads playlist. This means there are only 60 players in a match, with everyone grouped up in teams of four, and the ability to respawn so long as at least one member of your squad is still standing. The map will be a cut-down version of Caldera to keep the action high, especially with the inclusion of two giant monsters roaming around the map. The goal, as always, is to be the last squad standing, though that has never been easier said than done as it is now. Godzilla and King Kong will move around and attack indiscriminately.

Once on the map, a new type of Monarch Intel will be included inside various crates, drops, and looted off killed enemies. Collecting enough Monarch Intel unlocks new killstreaks and supply drops. But while you can’t actually kill either of the legendary monsters, dealing damage to them will begin to grant you some free Monarch Intel as well. But be warned: When aggravated too much, or just at random times, both Kong and Godzilla can enter what is called a Titan Frenzy. When this happens all players will receive an alert that the creature is on the rampage. At this point you can either flee for your lives or attempt to fight.

If you choose to fight, and are the squad that can inflict the most damage to the kaiju during its Titan Frenzy, you will earn the S.C.R.E.A.M Device, which can also be obtained naturally by building up enough Monarch Intel. This S.C.R.E.A.M Device is the most exciting part of this event, since using it lets you basically call in either Godzilla or King Kong as your own personal killstreak, or maybe command them like a Pokémon is more accurate. You can choose to either have Godzilla fire off his mouth laser beam or Kong do a massive ground slam. Whichever you pick, you can also aim it anywhere on the map for maximum damage.

Operation Monarch tips

Godzilla in Operation Monarch.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out of this operation alive, between all the enemy players and two giant monsters on the map, there are a handful of tips that can at least help give your squad the tactical edge. Here are a few helpful tips to take with you before diving in:

  • Always know where the monsters are — Godzilla and Kong aren’t just set pieces here. They can, and will, obliterate you and your squad if you get too close, even without pestering them. Use your map to not only show where the kaiju currently are but also the range of their attacks. There’s almost no reason to ever put yourself inside the range of either of these deadly titans, so keep an eye on your map and plan your path carefully.
  • Save your high-damage weapons for the monsters — Sure, there’s no killing either Godzilla or Kong, even with the most powerful loadouts you can find, but that damage still matters. Monarch Intel is incredibly important in this game mode, and every bit of damage you deal, assuming you’re in a good position, is a safe way to build it up. That goes double for when they’re in Titan Frenzy. Speaking of which…
  • Go for the S.C.R.E.A.M Device — Not only is being able to command either of these giants fun in its own right but is by far the most powerful tool in this mode. A well-placed and timed strike can wipe an entire squad no problem. Also, whenever you’re using one of these “killstreaks,” no one else can, meaning you’re safe for a short while from any retaliation.
  • Don’t be afraid to run and hide — This mode is built on Resurgence rules, so remember that getting killed isn’t the end. If you, or any number of your squad, has died, get somewhere safe and let them get back in the game. Being even one man down here is a huge disadvantage.

Operation Monarch rewards

Soldiers watch Godzilla and Kong about to fight.

This limited-time event comes with eight unique challenges exclusive to Operation Monarch for new rewards, plus one grand prize for completing them all. Here are all the challenges and rewards you get for completing them:

  • Play Operation Monarch for Six Hours: Reward — Epic “Ancestral Skull” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Once: Reward — Rare “Ancient Remains” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Three Times: Reward — Rare “Monarch Eyes Only” Charm
  • Deal 500,000 damage to Titans: Reward — Rare “Concrete Jungle” Sticker
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Kong in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Godzilla” Emblem
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Kong” Emblem
  • Collect 3,000 Monarch Intel: Reward — Epic “Skyline Crasher” Calling Card
  • Place in the Top 15 12 times in the Operation Monarch Limited-Time Mode: Reward — Epic “One Will Fall” Spray

If you get all eight done, you will also earn the “Ancient Rivalry” Marksman Rifle Blueprint.

Finally, there are three new bundles you can buy during this event for 2,400 COD Points:

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

  • Godzilla Ghillie Shigenori skin
  • Breath of Godzilla AR skin
  • Awakened Alpha LMG
  • Big Mistake MVP Highlight
  • Gojira Stomp Operator Finishing Move
  • Godzilla Heat Ray Emblem
  • Titan Destruction Spray
  • Fabled Beast Spray
  • Protector of Earth Calling Card

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

  • Kong Operator skin
  • Temple of Kong sniper rifle
  • Skull Island Shaker SMG
  • Kong’s Scepter axe melee weapon
  • Gravity Inversion finishing move
  • Primal Power spray
  • Jia’s Doll weapon charm
  • Kong Road animated emblem
  • Watch Your Back highlight intro

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

  • Mechagodzilla Operator skin
  • Cybernetic Destroyer legendary assault rifle
  • Neural Uplink legendary SMG
  • Nanometal Tail Blade melee weapon
  • Network Uptime watch
  • Mechagodzilla Head charm
  • Evolving Together emblem
  • Machine Learning MVP highlight
  • Rival Protocol highlight intro

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