Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to Launch in October, Future DLCs Planned

castlevania lords of shadow to launch in october future dlcs planned

Castlevania fans rejoice! 1up is reporting that the eagerly anticipated Castlevania: Lords of Shadows now officially has a release date! Sure, that news may not exactly set the world on fire, but for fans of the series that have had to endure some truly painful sequels, the big-budget game looks to be a much needed reboot of a beloved franchise that has been squeezed nearly to death.

We already knew that the new Castlevania would be out in time for Halloween, but following the Konami event at Gamescon, we now have an official date of October 5.

During the Gamescon event, Castlevania producer Dave Cox discussed the game, and what we should expect when we finally get our hands on it. The first thing of note is that there are two planned DLCs on the way that will expand the game. The expansions will open up new areas and feature new enemies, but Cox did not give many details except to say that the DLCs will not affect the ending, which seems to suggest that they will both be side quests. No dates or details were given.

“I don’t want to give people the wrong impression — the core game absolutely has an ending,” he told the crowd. “The first first DLC pack probably won’t be as large as the second one, though, just because we’ll be working on that one right away.”

Cox also discussed the special-edition bundles. The European version will ship with a soundtrack of the game from Spanish film composer Oscar Araujo and preformed by a full orchestra, as well as a replica mask. The US version will ship with the soundtrack and an art book instead of the mask.

We had the chance to play the demo at E3, but as the date comes closer, hopefully we will have more information soon.