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Watch Conan O'Brien, Josh Norman and Von Miller Play Doom on Clueless Gamer

Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition: "Doom"
So a panther, a bronco, and Conan O’Brien walk into a hotel conference room … in the newest episode of O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer video series. Just like last year, the late-night host has put together a special Super Bowl edition of the show, bringing players from each team together to play a little game before the big one on Sunday. This year, Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller were on hand to test out the long-awaited reboot of Doom.

After admonishing Miller for beating the Patriots (and subsequently making his daughter cry), Conan mostly gawks at the game’s gore (if you haven’t seen the trailer, there’s a lot of blood and dismemberment). Miller and Norman were also taken aback at times, but seem able to get past it. Lastly, Miller and Norman compete to see who can last the longest on the game’s “hardest level.” Neither of them lasts very long. In the end, though, Norman earned the 2016 Clueless Gamer Doom trophy, which, of course, features a severed head.

Seattle Seahawk and former Clueless Gamer guest Marshawn Lynch swung by as well. Lynch, who walked away from Mortal Kombat X during last year’s Clueless Gamer super bowl video after a particularly brutal fatality, did not seem at all disturbed by the graphic violence in Doom.

After years of cryptic reports and leaked artwork for “Doom 4,” publisher Bethesda teased its intention to reboot the historic shooter franchise in early 2014, offering access to the beta for a game simply called Doom as a pre-order bonus for Wolfenstein: The New Order. The publisher officially announced the series return during a keynote at E3 2015. Most recently, Bethesda announced that Doom will come to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 13.

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