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How to raise your Faith in Cult of the Lamb

If you’re looking to run a successful cult in Cult of the Lamb, you’re going to need to keep a close eye on your Faith. If this resource dips too low, your cult will slowly come unglued — and you’ll have dissidents popping up left and right to undermine your teachings. Thankfully, there are several ways to raise your Faith and keep your followers under your thumb. Here’s a closer look at how to raise your Faith in Cult of the Lamb.

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What is Faith and why does it matter?

A menu showing the description of Faith in Cult of the Lamb.

Faith is arguably the most important factor in keeping your cult alive and thriving. When in your camp, you’ll see Faith represented by the giant orb at the top-left of your screen. This will naturally fall over time, and you’ll need to perform specific in-game actions to replenish it.

When Faith gets too low, you run the risk of followers dissenting. Dissenting followers aren’t very productive, and they’ll actively try to persuade other members to join their cause. In other words, low Faith means a crumbling cult, and high Faith means a happy family.

How to raise your Faith

There are tons of ways to raise your faith in Cult of the Lamb. Whether you’re giving Sermons or building new structures, almost everything you do will have an impact on your cult’s Faith. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular activities that will raise your Faith in Cult of the Lamb.

Giving a Sermon

A group of animals praise a lamb in Cult of the Lamb.

This is the easiest way to raise your Faith. Sermons can be held once a day and provide you with a big chunk of Faith. Not only that, but it’ll help you grow more powerful and unlock new perks for your Crusades.

Give Daily Blessings

This one is a bit tedious but works in a pinch. After interacting with an individual cultist, you can choose to give them a Blessing. This can be performed on every follower every day — although you’ll need to manually interact with each one. It’s time-consuming, but considering it helps bolster both Faith and Loyalty, it’s time well-spent. A few variations of this interaction are unlockable (such as Inspire and Bribe), so keep an eye out for these upgrades and make liberal use of them when needed.

Building structures

A cult site packed with buildings in Cult of the Lamb.

When you put up a new structure or decoration, you’ll earn a bit of Faith for your cult. This isn’t the best way to foster Faith (crafting structures is both time-consuming and resource-intensive), but keep this in mind if you need a last-ditch effort to make everyone happy.

Give your followers gifts

Everybody likes gifts, and your cultists are no different. These come in all shapes and sizes and are often found while out on Crusades. Not only does gifting improve your Faith, but many gifts offer passive benefits — such as improving productivity or making it so a follower no longer needs to sleep.

Find more followers

The bigger the cult, the happier the cult. Indoctrinating new followers will give you a slight Faith boost. Increasing your cult numbers is also the main way to grow stronger and progress through the game, making this a win-win scenario.

Complete follower quests

A follower asking a favor in Cult of the Lamb.

Running a cult isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes your followers will be so enamored with you that they’ll ask you to complete a random quest. These run the gamut from rescuing a lost sibling to getting another follower to eat poop (seriously). Whatever the task, it’s in your best interest to do it — not only will you make the follower happy, but you’ll earn a good chunk of Faith in the process.

Manage your followers’ health

Make sure every follower in your cult has a place to sleep at night and plenty of food to eat during the day, and ensure that there’s nothing unsanitary lying around your camp. Sick and tired cultists are unfaithful cultists, so do what you can to make their life happy and healthy.

Finish Crusades

Heket preparing for battle in Cult of the Lamb.

Every time you defeat a mini-boss or boss, your followers will grow more Faithful. Conversely, you’ll lose a bit of faith every time you die. Be sure to snag the Omnipresence ability as soon as you can (ideally right after the first boss), as this lets you teleport home if things are going poorly. It’s better to leave a quest early than die in the field, as one has no repercussions, while the other results in lost Faith.

Manage your traits

This one isn’t a way to increase your Faith, but rather it’s a proactive measure. Throughout the game, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce new Doctrines to your cult — many of which will change their individual traits. Some of these might boost Faith when cultists are sacrificed, and others might grant additional Faith when adding an elderly follower to the group. Whatever the case, make sure you’re not just picking the Doctrine that sounds the coolest, but the one that’s most practical for your playstyle. Do it right, and you’ll get passive Faith just for playing the game your own way.

Performing Rituals

Cult of the Lamb player performing a ritual.

Like Sermons, Rituals are performed in your Shrine. However, performing a Ritual requires Bones — a valuable resource you’ll pick up while out questing. Rituals are also tied to a cooldown timer, so be sure to use them sparingly. Many of these will significantly impact your Faith and make it easy to quickly fill a depleted Faith bar. Be careful, however, as depending on the traits of your individual cultists, some of them might be negatively impacted in the process.

Brainwash ‘em

If all else fails, you can always rely on a simple brainwashing session to instill Faith in your followers. This Ritual is unlocked after talking with Sozo in Spore Grotto. They’ll need you to bring them a few (10, then another 20) Menticide Mushrooms, but once that’s taken care of, they’ll teach you how to brainwash your followers. The Ritual can be used to completely restore your Faith, and it will be locked at 100% for two days. Be careful, however, as some of your followers will get sick once the brainwashing wears off.

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