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The best weapons in Dave the Diver

Even though you will be splitting your time in Dave the Diver between managing a sushi bar and diving into the Blue Hole to catch fish, collect resources, and complete quests, this undersea adventure isn’t always peaceful. As you upgrade your gear and plunge ever deeper into the unknown, you will be faced with more terrifying and dangerous creatures of the sea.

You’re not defenseless, though, and have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal to craft and upgrade. Some are better for subduing prey, while others are there to simply destroy a beast that wants to make you the prey. New weapons are made when you find the required blueprints in boxes while diving, plus the materials needed to forge them. Before you invest in something that doesn’t pack a punch, check out our list of the best weapons in Dave the Diver.

Best weapons in Dave the Diver

Red Sniper Rifle

A computer showing the red sniper upgrades.

From a purely statistical viewpoint, nothing beats the Red Sniper Rifle. This powerhouse deals 32 damage per shot, the highest of any weapon, has 20 range, and three shots per magazine. Being a sniper, this is obviously a very accurate weapon, and the laser sight makes aiming a breeze. The small amount of ammo is a drawback, but there’s not much that can take one, let alone all three, shots and live to tell the tale. If you want to make the Red Sniper, collect the three blueprints and then craft it using these items.

  • 1 Glass
  • 2 Scrap Iron
  • 3 Iron Ore
  • 50 Gold

Sticky Bomb Gun

A sticky bomb gun in Dave the Diver.

While the Sticky Bomb Gun does have a big damage drop-off from the Red Sniper Rifle, and is even less powerful than our next choice, it takes second place on our list for the simple fact that it launches, well, a sticky bomb that attaches to your target before detonating. This gives you much more versatility and the opportunity to keep some distance from your target before the explosion. It comes with a base damage of 20 (with explosions having a range of 1.5), a range of 7, and holds 5 shots at level 1. Those extra shots keep it competitive with the small capacity of the sniper. Once you find the blueprints, craft the Sticky Bomb Gun with the following resources.

  • 2 Scrap Iron
  • 3 Lead Ore
  • 100 Gold

Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher in Dave the Diver.

If you don’t mind being a little riskier with your explosives for the benefit of more raw damage, the Grenade Launcher will turn most fish into pulp with a single shot. The risk here is that your shots will detonate on contact, whether that be one inch or several meters from you. The other reason it ranks lower than the Sticky Bomb Gun for us is that you need to compensate for the arcing trajectory of the grenade, whereas the sticky bombs travel in a straight line. One grenade will deal 25 damage, has a range of 10, and comes with 4 shots at level 1. To build yourself one, gather the blueprints plus the following materials.

  • 3 Iron Ore
  • 3 Lead Ore
  • 100 Gold

Tennis Racket

We had to include a melee option, and while there are other options that outclass the Tennis Racket in terms of raw power, some like the Mjolnir can’t be kept between runs. Also, the function of the Tennis Racket, being its insane knockback, gives it a ton of utility over other close-quarters options despite only dealing 10 damage. Getting some breathing room to counter-attack, or simply escape, shouldn’t be overlooked. The Tennis Racket is found as a random drop in weapon crates.

Harpoon: Lightning Tip

There are plenty of different tips you can find and modify your trust Harpoon gun with, but all have the same problem: You can’t keep them permanently. While that keeps it at the bottom of the list by default, if you come across the Lightning Tip, your Harpoon gun should shoot up to your primary weapon for the rest of the dive. With this tip, hitting a fish not only deals extra shock damage but also chains electricity to any nearby fish for additional damage, making it perfect for clusters of fishy foes. Like the Tennis Racket, you need to just get lucky and pick one up during your dive.

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