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The best Nintendo Switch headsets for 2021

One particularly useful feature the Nintendo Switch enables is high-quality mobile audio, so you don’t have to sacrifice any sound when you’re playing on the go. The Switch supports a variety of audio formats, including 5.1 surround sound formats, so you can get a lot of mileage out of a great gaming headset with high-quality audio to bring your games to life. Make sure the headset has switching abilities for taking calls or listening to music, and you’re set! Here are our favorite headset options, starting with the Sennheiser’s reliable and excellent audio performance.

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Sennheiser GSP 550 Gaming Headset

Sennheiser’s excellent GSP 550 has large, well-fitting earcups and a padded headband that’s both comfortable easy to adjust (great for wearing over a hat or hoodie too, if you prefer). Users can experiment with four different equalizer modes to find the right fit for their game, and the headset can enable up to 7.1 Dolby surround sound formats using an included dongle for the best experiences. The nonflexible mic offers noise cancellation to clear up party communication and has an easy flip-up design for muting as well. That allows the headset to offer an impressive frequency response range of 10-30,000Hz and a 28-ohm impedance rating.

The GSP 550 doesn’t offer wireless capabilities, although we’ve found this isn’t as important a consideration on a mobile device like the Switch. The only significant caveat is the price, which may be a little expensive for those looking to save — fortunately, we also have some budget picks below!

JLab Audio Play Gaming Wireless Headset

JLab’s headset has several important points in its favor: First, it’s not only wireless but also a lighter fight than most over-ear gaming headsets, ideal for those who like the over-ear experience but want a lighter option that’s easier to take on the go. The battery is rated around 22 hours, a long-lasting option that will keep up with the Switch without trouble.

The retractable mic is also useful for a compact profile, letting you bring the mic out only when you really need to use it. A quick mute button lets you shut off audio instantly when you want and on-cable volume controls are also included for quick adjustments.

Finally, the headset is a particularly affordable option that won’t cut into your budget if you’d rather spend it on something else — like replacement Joy-Con controllers, for example.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

The Arctis 1 is a strong contender for a middle-of-the-road, solid gaming headset that’s easy to use for just about everything, including all your Switch gaming. Even the wireless version remains affordable compared to alternatives, and we like the simple design with a steel-reinforced headband and durable earcups. Sound quality offers a frequency response range of 20 – 20,000Hz and impedance of 32 ohms.

The detachable mic can be left at home if you want, or attached for noise-canceling communication with friends. There are also wireless adapters that work for other platforms as well, so if you want a headset that can handle gaming on any console you have, this is a great choice!

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The Cloud Alpha’s weighty earcups, made of memory foam and leatherette, are excellent for passive noise cancellation (and frankly, keeping your ears warm), while inside are equally meaty 50mm dual-chamber drivers for producing powerful sound so you can enjoy every blast and bass drop.

This headset also offers a detachable boom-style, flexible mic for chatting, with noise cancellation to keep everything clear — in general, we like this style of flexible mics because it’s easier to get in just the right position for your own chatting habits. While the headset is wired, you can detach the cable when it isn’t in use, and the strong braided design is excellent for keeping cables intact when traveling with them. Note that we did choose the surround sound version of the headset for the best audio quality, but you can choose a version without that support to knock a few bucks off.

Corsair Gaming HS50 Pro

Another excellent budget option for those looking to save, this wired Corsair headset offers custom-tuned neodymium drivers that support a frequency response range of 20 – 20,000Hz, and impedance of 32 ohms. The semi-flexible mic brings uni-directional sound-pickup for extra clarity (although sadly no noise cancellation this time), and can be removed if you prefer to go without.

The memory foam earpads are nice but not especially noteworthy: The headset lowers the price by going easy on extra features to leave users with a dependable stereo headset that offers no surprises, just Corsair’s quality design.

EPOS Enterprise GTW 270

Large headsets are just too bulky for some, especially Switch gamers that prefer to travel light. We suggest an alternative: These wireless earbuds are designed specifically for gaming, with noise isolation and Gaming Suite software to customize your sound settings specifically for the games you play (broader modes for gaming, music, and movies also exist). While the earbuds have around a five-hour battery life by themselves, the aluminum charging case can provide several more charges on its own to keep you topped off. Oh, and they’re also water-resistant, so you can wear them during sweaty workouts or in light rain without worrying about damage.

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