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Dave the Diver: how to catch Seahorse

The sea is full of tasty fish for you to catch and bring back to your restaurant to serve up in Dave the Diver, but some are harder to catch than others. When you hit an early quest requiring you to catch one of these tiny water-horses, you might feel stumped about how to actually snag one. As it turns out, catching one is easy after you equip yourself with the right gear. Throw on your goggles and make sure your air cans are filled as we dive into this guide on how to catch seahorses in Dave the Diver.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Bug Net

  • Reach chapter 2

Dave learning to use the bug net.

How to catch seahorses

You might expect the more dangerous and deadly creatures to be the most difficult to catch, and they certainly are tough, but the tiny seahorse is tricky for different reasons. The main reason being that you can't catch them at all without first getting the Bug Net.

Step 1: Once you get to Chapter 2, take the "Reticent Girl" sidequest from Maki.

Step 2: Gather the Soy Sauce, Kelp, and three White Trevally to make the White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke meal she asks for.

Step 3: Upon completing her request, you will be rewarded with the Bug Net.

Step 4: With the Bug Net, swim until you find a group of seahorses and swing your net to easily capture one. They will only appear in the shallower depths, so stay near the surface to find them.

Now that you can catch seahorses, new menu items open up, as well as the Seahorse Racing competition. If you're a gambler, you can earn plenty of easy gold this way!

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