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Death Stranding Director’s Cut releases in September, includes a race track

If you thought Death Stranding couldn’t get any weirder or wackier, the game’s Director’s Cut version includes a race track. That new feature and more were announced during PlayStation’s State of Play stream today, along with the game’s release date.

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Pre-order Trailer | PS5

Death Stranding Director’s Cut releases on September 24. A majority of the game’s changes revolve around combat. The game’s original combat mechanics were a point of criticism in initial reviews. To remedy that, this version includes “upgraded melee” and other improved combat mechanics. It’s not immediately clear how melee is being changed in the game, although at one point Sam Bridges dropkicks an enemy, which is entirely new. A few new weapons are also being added, including a Maser Gun and mounted machine guns.

Sam Porter walks across a landscape in Death Stranding: Director's Cut.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To put their combat skills to the test, players will also have access to a firing range, new battles, and even new story missions.

Perhaps as a reaction to players driving across its broken version of America, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will also have its own race track, sponsored by the in-game character Fragile. Players will be able to race across multiple courses, seemingly against computers.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will add on to the game’s delivery system with a few new gadgets. The update includes a cargo catapult that launches packages, along with a new skeleton exosuit and a buddy bot that carries packages. For the porters that like to live on the wild side, a jump ramp is also being added to the game that lets players leap over the game’s rocky canyons.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launches on September 24 for the PlayStation 5.

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