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How to get the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2

It's not just a feeling. Bad Juju is in Destiny 2 and here's how to get it

Bad Juju, a fan-favorite exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny, has finally made its way to Destiny 2 through a new questline tied to the most recent update. The powerful weapon grants increased damage and extra super energy charge the more you chain kills together through its String of Curses perk. Acquiring Bad Juju is a complicated task, which will require players to complete a handful of the new Moments of Triumph…. Or spend a boatload of glimmer and materials.

Unlock The Tribute Hall

To begin the Bad Juju quest, you’ll need to unlock the new Tribute Hall first. To access the hall, climb aboard the barge on Nessus (located near the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point). Here, you’ll find Werner 99-40 and a chest next to him. Unlock the chest for 5,000 glimmer to receive an Invitation From The Emperor. Now you’ll be able to fast travel to the Tribute Hall on Nessus, which is located next to the Menagerie launch point on the Nessus map.

Upon arriving, speak to the big, golden Visage of Calus. To gain full access to the hall, you’ll need to complete one of his bounties. These bounties require that you complete tasks without dying, such as killing 50 enemies. Pick the most manageable one, complete it, and turn it in to receive a Boon of Opulence.

Take the boon back to the Tribute Hall and give it to Calus. He’ll reward you by giving you a discount to his shop and a flag. Planting the flag will open the hall up, giving you access to the next step of the quest.

When you open the hall, you’ll notice a glowing chest in the center of the room, as well as several platforms scattered throughout the hall. Your goal is to place 18 tribute statues (including 5 dog statues that you will obtain as you progress through the quest) in the hall, which will unlock the next step.

Get Tributes From Triumphs

There are two ways to gain tributes. The first is by completing different Triumphs. Open up the Triumphs tab of your menu and click the Destination Tab. You’ll find new Tribute Hall Triumphs you can complete, each of which will grant you a Tribute Statue.

To complete these, you’ll need to have at least 1 Calus-themed piece of armor or weapon equipped. This includes gear from any raid or most pieces from Season of Opulence’s Menagerie activity. The more pieces of gear you have equipped, the more points you’ll get towards completing the Triumphs, so equip as many Calus-themed pieces as you can to speed the process up.

Buying Tributes From Calus

If you don’t feel like grinding activities, there’s a faster way to get tributes. The Visage of Calus will sell you tributes. However, these are very expensive, requiring tons of glimmer, bright dust, and planetary materials. You can bring the cost down by completing Calus’ bounties, each of which will give you a Boon of Opulence that can be used for a 1% discount in his shop, stacking up to 80%.

Spider will be a helpful resource for you if you want to use this method. You’ll be able to buy glimmer and materials from him, so lean on him if you don’t feel like grinding to get the necessary materials to buy tributes.

Complete The Other Side Mission

Once you place all 18 tributes, head over to the glowing chest in Tribute Hall and interact with it to open a portal and begin the Other Side mission. This is a relatively straightforward power level 350 mission with no time limit where you’ll need to kill a lot of taken enemies and a Taken Cabal boss.

Once you complete the mission, you’ll head back to the Tribute Hall. Go back to the chest and interact with it again to claim Bad Juju! If you want the weapon’s catalyst, you’ll need to place 45 tributes total before Calus will sell it to you, so strap in for a long chase.

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