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Destiny 2 Momentum Control Mode: Quick tips to help you win

If you’ve hopped into Destiny 2 since the game’s big October 29th update, you may have noticed a brand new PVP mode sitting in the Crucible: Momentum Control. While this is a variation on the game’s flagship point capture game mode, it can be overwhelming to hop into at first thanks to a myriad of differences. Here’s everything you need to know to master Momentum Control.

Faster pace

Like regular Control, the point of this mode is to capture zones by standing on them. The more zones you control, the more points you get for each kill. The only major change to that core game mode in Momentum is that zones capture much faster and grant even more points per kill, so you can expect zones to turn over much more frequently than usual.

Destiny 2 Momentum Control
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Not only that, but respawns are instant in this mode. That means you won’t have to wait a few seconds to come back after you die like normal, which is great because you’re going to die a lot more often in Momentum because your radar tracker will be disabled. You’ll have to play more aggressively than you might be used to here, so make sure to jump into the action when your team has more zones controlled so you can push the momentum. When you’re down a zone, make sure to play the objective, as getting killed when your team has more capture points can really cost your team.

Stronger weapons

Momentum’s main draw is that all weapon damage is increased in this mode. That means that any weapon you have becomes a contender in this mode, throwing the current “meta” out the window. If there are weapons you love using, but they’ve never been good PVP options, equip those here and use them to your heart’s content.

Heavy weapons are especially key to mastering this mode. Respawn rates for heavy ammo are increased, plus you’ll get more ammo per drop. Every heavy weapon is viable in this mode thanks to that increased weapon power, but it’s a great opportunity to try out heavy exotics like Deathbringer or the newly added Xenophage machine gun.

Ability tweaks

Unlike Mayhem, Momentum Control makes your abilities secondary to your guns. Your melee, grenade, and super will all need to be charged by defeating enemies, so you’ll have to focus on gunplay if you want to cast your super in a round.

Supers are much different than you’re normally used to here. While in Super, you’ll have increased damage resistance, negating the increased gun power. However, you’ll take more damage from heavy weapons, making them risky. While roaming supers can benefit from the damage resistance, a well-placed heavy shot might waste your super early. Consider options like Voidwalker and Blade Barrage, which can quickly dispatch of enemies in one shot and reduce the risk of getting shot down before you can do much damage.

If you’ve always wanted a fast-paced PVP mode that focuses on guns instead of abilities, Momentum Control may be your cup of tea, so make sure to check it out when it’s in the Crucible’s rotation.

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