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Warmind update will make ‘Destiny 2’ exotic weapons much more powerful

Bungie Developer Insights – Exotics & Crucible

Ahead of Destiny 2‘s second expansion, Warmind, and the start of season 3, Bungie released a developer video outlining the changes that will arrive on May 8. Most notably, there will be big changes to exotic weapons.

“We’re refreshing a bunch of the weapon exotics,” Destiny 2 sandbox lead designer Josh Hamrick said. “We’re making them significantly deadlier, and more interesting and powerful.”

One of the ways in which exotic weapons will become more sought-after comes from Masterworks. Whereas legendary gear requires you to roll and roll again for randomized stat boosts, exotic Masterworks are designed specifically with one weapon in mind. That means once you get a Masterwork for an exotic, there will be no need to roll again. You’ll automatically have the best version of that exotic piece of gear.

Bungie also reiterated the changes coming to the Crucible. The competitive multiplayer mode will finally add private matches and seasonal ranks. Additionally, Bungie revealed the reward for working your way up the rankings in season 3 — a special pulse rifle called Redrix’s Claymore. The gun has 378 attack and can seemingly only be obtained from the Crucible. The developers hyped the gun up quite a bit, so it sounds like it’s worth the grind.

Players who don’t purchase Warmind and don’t yet have Curse of Osiris, the first Destiny 2 expansion, will still have new Crucible content to look forward to throughout that grind. As revealed in a developer road map last month, all multiplayer maps originally confined to Curse of Osiris owners will be available to everyone. The same goes for Warmind maps. This only applies to public matchmaking, as you’ll have to own the DLC to play on those maps in private matches.

Again, Bungie said it is listening to player feedback and will continue to implement changes and fixed going forward.

Season 3 sounds as if it will bring enough content to reel Guardians back into the game. But it’s really up to Warmind to set the tone. Curse of Osiris was low on content and didn’t add much staying power to the Destiny 2 experience. Warmind takes players to Hella Basin, a polar ice cap on Mars. The story revolves around Ana Bray, a Guardian thought to be dead. The ice caps hold secrets and the Warmind Rasputin, a Hive army hell-bent on wreaking havoc.

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