Destiny’s 1.1.2 update will add a colorblind mode and audio tweaks

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Differentiating visual elements in games can often be a hassle for players with color vision deficiency. Colors that are very different to some can be nearly indistinguishable to others. An upcoming patch for Destiny will make loot and user interface elements easier to make out by adding a new colorblind mode.

Update 1.1.2 for Destiny was announced in the Bungie Weekly Update, released yesterday. In it, user interface design lead David Candland says “We took a lot of care to make sure our game shipped colorblind-friendly, but these settings will make things even easier for our colorblind friends. While the colorblind options may make the HUD look wonderfully colorful to many of us, colorblind players will gain a more distinct clarity, helping their environmental awareness – as well as helping them avoid that unintentional exotic dismantle.”

The colorblind mode doesn’t change much about the specific colors in the game, but rather increases the contrast levels between them. Technical artist Nate Hawbaker says “We hope the new modes enable more players to make quick decisions about the elements in the game that are most important. Since there is no such thing as a blue ammo drop, prioritizing the difference in shades was easier.”

The new colorblind mode isn’t the only feature added in the 1.1.2 update. New audio options will also be available. Players can now adjust chat volume independently of game volume from 50 percent up to 125 percent or normal volume. This doesn’t affect the chat level of the player’s headset, but rather what is coming out of the player’s speakers. An option to mute the in-game music has also been added.

There is no specific word on when the update will hit, though according to the Weekly Update, “It’s all coming soon.”