Destiny’s elite Guardians cracked Crota’s End hard mode in under 30 minutes

destinys elite guardians cracked crotas end hard mode 30 minutes destiny  crota s 2

Crota’s End hard mode, the newly unlocked difficulty of Destiny‘s moon raid, was beaten in under 30 minutes on the first day of its release, according to a tweet from developer Bungie.

The victorious clan, One and Done, bested the raid with a six-player fireteam in an impressive 27 minutes. In addition to a variety of rule changes, all enemies in Crota’s hard mode are jacked up to level 33 and your ability to revive fallen comrades is turned off.

One and Done’s time is impressive for the standard version of the raid, let alone the increased challenge of hard mode. You can watch the feat below and check out our guide to Crota’s End, newly updated for hard mode, with pointers on what’s new and how to snag your own victory.

Crota’s End was released as the climactic raid encounter of the 2014 downloadable content release, The Dark Below. A new raid will be included with the next content injection in the upcoming DLC, House of Wolves, which is believed to be coming out in March.