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Detective Pikachu Returns welcomes fans back to Ryme City this fall

Detective Pikachu Returns, the sequel to 2016 Pokémon spinoff Detective Pikachu, is coming on October 21. Nintendo announced the sequel during its June 21 Nintendo Direct Showcase, which also included deep dives on other games like Pikmin 4.

Detective Pikachu Returns - Nintendo Direct 6.21.2023

The Detective Pikachu Returns trailer showcases Ryme City, its inhabitants, and more of signature banter between the two main characters. It starts with a peaceful compilation of the people living in harmony with their Pokémon, playing with them in the park or coexisting in the city’s different locales. The mayor has just declared the start of Pokémon Friendship Week. During the ceremony, Detective Pikachu can be seen sleeping onstage next to his partner, Tim Goodman. Then, the trailer skips to the point: The detective duo is still on the job.

Those familiar with the Detective Pikachu movie might be expecting something more sinister. However, it’s too early to tell because Nintendo hasn’t hinted at what to expect beyond Pikachu and Tim’s return to crime-solving. Much of the trailer features bright, friendly, or otherwise humorous moments with plenty of cute critters and coffee breaks. It also touches on the puzzle-solving mechanics to expect in the game.

Pikachu with detective cap and boy with brown hair and red jacket eating breakfast

The first Detective Pikachu game involved investigating different mysteries throughout the city, from petty thievery to crime syndicates. Warner Bros. later adapted the game into a full-length movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu and Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. The movie was grittier than the original premise, but it looks like Detective Pikachu Returns leans more into a lighter tone. We’ll have to see if it’s a bait and switch.

Detective Pikachu Returns will be released on October 21, 2023, for Nintendo Switch.

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A remaster done right
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