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‘Deus Ex’ season pass offers extra story DLC and tons of consumable goodies

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases tomorrow after a six-month delay and plenty of controversy, and all signs point to it being a worthy chapter in Adam Jensen’s story. But if you still want more augmented action and can’t wait for a sequel, Square Enix has detailed just want to expect in the game’s season pass. In addition to new narrative content, the pass will load you up with plenty of consumable items and currency.

Starting tomorrow, anyone who purchases the Mankind Divided season pass will be given a plethora of goodies to make their time with the game easier, or at least a little quicker. An “Assault Pack” offers “a custom skinned Battle Rifle,” the “Chaff Augmentation,” as well as extra ammunition and grenades. The “Tactical Pack,” meanwhile, will give players a custom Tranquilizer Rifle, the “Micro Assembler” augmentation, and non-lethal ammunition and grenades. Buying these two packs on their own will otherwise cost you about $15.

“Chipsets” and special booster packs are also included, letting you acquire “exclusive items” as well as additional currency and ammunition, and four “Praxis Kits” will also let you customize your version of Adam Jensen more thoroughly. As with the two weapon packs, this DLC is all available on its own, with the largest chipset pack costing $40 — more than the season pass itself.

Though little information is known on the game’s two narrative packs aside from their names — System Rift and A Criminal Past — you won’t have to wait too long to dive into post-release content. The former pack will be available this fall, while the latter is launching early next year.

The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided season pass will set you back $30, and it’s also included in the game’s “Digital Deluxe Edition.” Unfortunately, the collector’s edition, which features an art book and a beautiful figurine, doesn’t offer the season pass.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases tomorrow, August 23, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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