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Everything we know about Devil May Cry 5

Everything we know about Devil May Cry 5, including characters and combat

It’s been over a decade since the release of Devil May Cry 4, and much has changed during that time. The stylish, linear action game has fallen out of mainstream popularity, with more and more franchises introducing role-playing elements alongside the skill-based combat, and worlds have grown ever larger.

Capcom and developer Ninja Theory released a reimagined version of the series, DmC: Devil May Cry, which performed well with critics but failed to make the same impression in sales. Now, the franchise is finally getting the true sequel fans have been asking for, and it packs in all the craziness we’ve come to expect from Devil May Cry. This is everything we know about Devil May Cry 5.

The story

Devil May Cry 5 serves as a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4 and may very well be one of the most anticipated games of 2019. Taking place several years after the events of the previous game and after the events of Devil May Cry 2, it stars three separate protagonists. Longtime Devil May Cry hero Dante is back again, but Nero will once again serve as the main character in Devil May Cry 5. Newcomer “V” is also playable in the game and appears to have a bone to pick with Dante.

The story takes place in Red Grace City, which has become the victim of a strange demonic attack that resulted in an enormous tree bursting through the ground and sucking the blood out of its residents. It’s Nero’s responsibility to destroy the demons terrorizing the city, alongside technical whiz and partner Nico, who crafts new weapons and upgrades for him.

In Devil May Cry 4, Nero made use of a possessed arm called the Devil Bringer, which gave him enhanced abilities in combat. He won’t have this arm in Devil May Cry 5, as a mysterious figure ripped it off at the elbow in the game’s announcement trailer. It appears that whoever did this will become a central antagonist in the game, Nero remarks that he has a “score to settle” immediately afterward.

Instead of the Devil Bringer, Nero will make use of special mechanical arms called Devil Breakers, which partner Nico created for him. These vary in power and function, and are disposable.

Dante has gifted Nero the famous neon Devil May Cry sign, which Nero has put on his own van to set up a demon-hunting business. In trailers and gameplay footage, we see that Dante looks slightly older than he did before, with scruffy facial hair, but is still just as capable of killing demons as his younger peers.

According to Hideaki Itsuno, the game will take about 15 hours to complete.

Combat and Characters

Devil May Cry 5 - TGS 2018 Trailer

The combat in Devil May Cry 5 will feel right at home for anyone familiar with the previous games in the series. It’s still based on racking up combinations of attacks, chaining them together between enemies and unleashing powerful special abilities to send them back to Hell. With three playable characters, however, you have a lot more variety this time around.


Nero makes use of the Red Queen, an enormous sword fitted with a combustion engine that can be charged up to deal even more damage and set demons on fire. He is also equipped with Blue Rose, a revolver that fires two bullets simultaneously and is excellent at keeping enemies at bay in between larger combo attacks.

Nero’s biggest additions in Devil May Cry 5 are the replaceable Devil Breaker prosthetic arms. Eight of them have been revealed thus far, and each offers wildly different abilities to Nero to assist with his demon slaying. The first Devil Breaker Nero makes use of is the Overture, which damages enemies with bursts of electricity. Others can give Nero a whip weapon, more effectively pierce enemies, or even propel him forward at high speeds.

The Devil Breaker arms have limited durability before they are broken and must be replaced, with certain attacks completely destroying them. Nero keeps them in his reserves, almost like special weapons or grenades, and you can pick extra Devil Breakers up off the ground as you explore the game world.


As we’ve come to expect from Dante, the original Devil May Cry protagonist has the most over-the-top combat style. He still makes use of his classic Rebellion sword, as well as the dual pistols Ebony and Ivory, the shotgun Coyote-A, and the powerful Devil Trigger ability, but he has some more tricks up his sleeve that suit his cheesy personality.

The Cavaliere is a new heavy weapon that serves multiple roles in combat. A giant motorbike, it can be ridden as a vehicle and used to zip around the battlefield and take shots at enemies. He can also get off the bike, split it in two, and wield it by its handlebars, however, turning it into two enormous melee weapons, with spinning bladed wheels to do even more damage.

The Balrog is a melee-focused set of gauntlets and boots, which can be turned into “Kick Mode” and “Blow Mode” to do more powerful or more nimble attacks, respectively.

Lastly, Devil Sword Sparda is a very powerful and giant blade with a sharp edge on one side and a sawblade on the other. It’s unclear how the sword will work compared to the versions seen in previous games, but early gameplay showed it capable of delivering quick blows at relatively long ranges.


V plays much differently than the other two characters, as he doesn’t rely heavily on his own combat abilities in order to kill demons. Instead, he has three of his own loyal demons to fight for him. You can think of the demon “Shadow” as his sword, as it can turn into blades and other weapons in order to deal damage up close, and it also gives V a speed boost while it’s active. “Griffon,” meanwhile, is a winged beast that fires long-range electricity attack and can lift V into the air.

V’s third demon – “Nightmare” — can only be summoned at certain points, but has the potential to completely turn the course of a battle. Slamming into the battlefield from the sky or through nearby structures, Nightmare launches powerful punches and laser attacks and is almost impossible to destroy.


In order to enhance your power, acquire new skills, and get new weapons, you’ll be spending Red Orbs, the same currency used in the other games. You can spend these at the Devil May Cry van by visiting Nico, and the Red Orbs can be earned simply by playing through the levels, destroying demons and other breakable objects you come across. As Nero begins the game with a pretty bare-bones selection of moves, you’ll need to make good use of the Red Orbs in order to make him a formidable threat.

Killing demons and destroying objects won’t be the only way to earn Red Orbs. Devil May Cry 5 will also support microtransactions, but the more advanced abilities will cost more Orbs to stop players from simply paying more money to win. Capcom took a similar approach with Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.


Though Devil May Cry 5 is still primarily a single-player experience, the game makes use of something called the Cameo System in order to connect other players during their journey. You’ll sometimes see other players fighting in the distance, but will be unable to interact with them. Other times, you’ll actually be able to fight alongside them during certain missions.

If you appreciate the skill of a particular player during your time together, you can award them a “Stylish” rating. Earning enough of these from others will give your characters Gold Orbs, which allow you to continue playing after running out of health.

ESRB Rating

Like the other games in the franchise, Devil May Cry 5 will be rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB, but the exact reasoning for this decision is slightly bizarre.

According to a description from the ESRB, characters in the game will be “impaled by demon tentacles” during a cutscene, and that they will apparently be civilians rather than one of the protagonists. Violent finishing moves and screams of pain will also be included.

Release date and demo

Built from the ground up for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8. In April, it will get a free update to bring the wave-based mode Bloody Palace to the game. Along with the standard version of the game, a collector’s edition containing a Devil May Cry van replica, art book, stickers, pin, and cloth print will also be available for $150. There are also three incredibly expensive special editions that come with replicas of the character’s jackets.

A demo — first available on Xbox One — is available to download right now, as well. The demo focuses on Nero and his journey through the city as he battles a series of demons, and it shows off several of his Devil Breaker arms. The demo ends in a difficult boss fight, and it allows for light customization using Red Orbs.

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