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How to change World Tier in Diablo 4

All the prior entries in the Diablo franchise have stuck to a more traditional difficulty level system where you select from a list ranging from easy up through hard and beyond. In Diablo 4, the system has been altered somewhat in the form of World Tiers. This system does more than just change how tough the enemies are, however, so understanding exactly how they work and how to change it as you play is the only way to build the ultimate demon slayer. Before you head off into the depths of Sanctuary, here's how to change your World Tier and what effect it will have in Diablo 4.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Kyovashad

  • Complete the campaign and Cathedral of Light and Fallen Temple Capstone dungeons (for tier 3 and 4)

A list of the world tiers in Diablo 4.
Activision Blizzard

How to change World Tiers

Even though you select a World Tier upon booting up the game, you aren't stuck with that choice for the rest of your game. There are two ways to change it whenever you wish.

Step 1: The easiest way to change your World Tier is to simply go to the main menu.

Step 2: Select the Change World Tier option.

Step 3: Choose whichever World Tier you want to play on.

Step 4: The second way is to change it while in the game.

Step 5: Travel to any World Tier Statue that can be found in all major locations in Diablo 4, the first you will find being Kyovashad.

Step 6: Interact with it and choose your new World Tier (note that this will load you into a new instance of the game).

When you first begin Diablo 4 you will have the option to pick between World Tier 1 and 2, but see that two additional levels are available. Here's what each one means, and how to unlock those two additional tiers: * Tier 1 - The basic level suited for new players. Level 1-50. Monsters give 20% more XP and 15% more Gold. * Tier 2 - Suited for experienced players who want a tougher challenge. Level 1-50. * Tier 3 (Must beat the campaign and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon at World Tier 2) – Intended for players who want a significant challenge. Level 50-70. Adds Sacred and Unique item drops, Nightmare Sigils, Helltide enemies can spawn, and Champion monsters gain resistance auras. Monsters give 100% more XP, 15% more Gold, and overcome 20% Resistance. * Tier 4 (Must complete the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon on World Tier 3) – This is for the most hardcore players who want to put their best build to the test. Level 70+. Adds Ancestral items and more Unique item drops. Monsters give 200% more XP, 15% more Gold, and overcome 40% Resistance.

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