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Doom 3 and five more games coming to PSVR as Sony doubles down on the tech

Six new games are coming to PSVR, including a VR version of Doom 3. The announcements come hot off the heels of Sony doubling down on its commitment to VR outlining its plans for a new headset.

The new titles will release on Sony’s current VR headset, which works with both the PS5 and PS4. The company is currently working on a new model of its headset, which will feature a single-cord setup and new controllers that include DualSense features, but it isn’t expected to launch this year.

Headlining the new announcements is Doom 3: VR Edition. The game is a port of the original 2004 shooter, reworking to work in VR. The package includes both of the game’s expansions and upgraded visuals. It will launch on March 29 and it’s the only of Sony’s newly announced VR titles to receive a firm release date.

DOOM3 VR Edition - Announce Teaser Trailer | PS VR

Other new games include Song in the Smoke, a survival game by the developers of indie space shooter Galak-Z, and Fracked, a PlayStation exclusive shooter that features skiing. Both games will launch sometime in 2021, with Fracked expected for a Summer launch.

Sony provided a few updates on some known VR games as well. Zombie shooter After the Fall got a new cinematic trailer and a summer 2021 release window. I Expect You to Die 2 will also come to the platform, after being announced for Steam back in January. Zenith, a fantasy MMO that was funded through Kickstarter, will come to PS VR in 2021 as well.

The new announcements reiterate Sony’s ongoing commitment to VR, despite largely ignoring the headset during its recent State of Play event. The PSVR helmet recently passed a new sales milestone, shipping five million units in its lifetime.

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