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Downwell brings Spelunky-styled action to Android

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Critically acclaimed indie action game Downwell is now available for Android devices courtesy of a new port from creator Moppin and publishing label Devolver Digital.

This week’s Android launch follows up on previously released ports for iOS devices and PC platforms via Steam.

Released in 2015, Downwell is a relentlessly paced action game in which players explore an underground tunnel filled with deadly enemies and traps. Players dive into the well equipped only with a pair of Gunboots, which can be used to slow their descent while simultaneously blasting enemies and obstacles below.

Downwell‘s starring character can absorb only a small amount of damage before perishing, and sessions can end very quickly, making the game a challenge to master. Level layouts in Downwell are also randomly generated, ensuring a drastically different gameplay experience with every restart.

Similar to the landmark indie hit Spelunky, Downwell doles out items and power-ups throughout each level segment, giving players an advantage when confronting the challenges ahead. These items are distributed randomly, however, requiring players to make effective use of a limited arsenal.

While the game’s level of challenge seems insurmountable at first, players gradually unlock new character skins that grant increased health and other perks over the course of several gameplay sessions. Downwell ultimately rewards pattern recognition and repeated play, though luck also plays a significant factor throughout.

Downwell is one of many independently produced games published by Devolver Digital, a company that brings deserving indies to a wider audience via console and PC distribution. In addition to Downwell, Devolver Digital has published indie standouts like Hotline Miami, The Talos Principle, Broforce, and multiple games in the Serious Sam franchise.

Downwell is priced at $3, and is available for purchase via Steam, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store.

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